Huckberry: Camping Gear For Your Summer Adventure

Whether you’re planning to head out for a weekend away or on an extending camping trip or trekking expedition, you’re going to want to have the right camping gear before you set off. If you’re looking to add a few more bits to your bag or if your camping gear is nonexistent, and you want to check out the latest and greatest must have camping gear, rest assured you’re in the right place.

In this post we’ll bring you a detailed list of items you can take with you this summer when setting out on your next outdoor adventure. So you can get right to the camping gear that is relevant to your needs, we’ve categorized these Huckberry camping items into: Sport & Carry, Tools, Survival & Safety, Sleep and Clothing & Footwear.

Huckberry Camp Shop : Camping Gear

The online Huckberry Camp Shop is your guide to finding all the best outdoor and camping gear for your next adventure. From lights, to solar powered batteries, knifes, sleeping bags, hammocks, boots, safety equipment and much more! The Huckberry Camp Shop really is a one stop, easy to navigate, online store where you will be able to find all of the camping gear you need.

Sport & Carry

  • Your gear won’t do you much good if you don’t have a pack to carry it all in. Take a look below to see a few of the best backpacks from the Huckberry shop.
  • Make sure you bring some gear for your outdoor activities while you’re away; your camping adventure should be full of fun and not just sitting around!

Canyon Flatwater Boat, Supai Adventure Gear

The lightest and most durable packcraft that has been created from Supai Adventure Gear is said to be so compact it can be rolled up to the size of a Nalgene bottle. Weighing under 2lbs but with the capacity to hold 250lbs, the Arizona designed and made raft comes out on top. Created from 75D polyester with TPU backing, this raft which has an internal seating of 45” x 19.5” is durable and able to accommodate you and your family/friends comfortably. Included with the raft comes a Nylon cap with hose valve and two patches.

Best feature: Inflate while in the boat with the hose valve system unique to Supai.

BUY | $259.98

Rover Pack, Topo Designs

Made in Colorado, Topo Designs, labels the Rover Pack as the ‘Goldilocks of Rucksacks’. Created to be simplistic, yet functional and stylish, this pack is made with 1000d CORDURA fabric on the outer and has a 16.2L capacity. Straps lined with mesh backing add to the comfort and ease of carrying. Available in 4 color patterns.

Best feature: Turn your Rover Pack into a camera bag with the camera cube, $59.00.

BUY | $139

Topo Designs X Woolrich Klettersack

Here’s another great pack by Topo Designs but this time they’ve gone over and above by teaming up with Woolrich and designing a bag that is of water resistant high quality materials, made from 100% Woolrich fabrics complete with leather accents. Available in Black Waffle, Western Print, and Olive Waffle. With a 22.4L capacity, you’ll have plenty of room for all your camping gear. Handmade in Colorado.

Best Feature: Comfort and safe inner sleeve that fits a laptop up to 15 inches.

BUY | $157.98

Nanodry Towel – Large

Matador NanoDry Towels from Matador on Vimeo.

A lightweight, compact, and ultra absorbent towel is an essential piece of gear to take with you when going camping or trekking. The silicone carrying case clips onto your bag easily and a snap on loop allows you to attach your towel and air dry as you carry it.

Best Feature: Absorbs 2.3X it’s weight and it is gold coat antimicrobial.

BUY | $34.99

Droplet XL Dry Bag, Matador

Needing a waterproof, ultralight, silicone storage bag? Here you have a dry bag with a 20L capacity which packs all the way down to the size of an avocado. It doesn’t get much more compact than that. Attach the Droplet XL to your pack or a boat with the clip on carabiner.

Best Feature: Taped seams to keep water from leaking in.

BUY | $39.99

Urban Assault, Mystery Ranch

Available in 8 color patterns, the Urban Assault pack has a 21L carrying capacity and has been designed to be clean and functional. Main design features include a 3 zip closure system and a storage pocket for a 15” laptop. Constructed out of 500D CORDURA fabric.

BUY | $124.98

Tools (Kitchen & Outdoor)

Who said that when you head out into the wilderness you need to cut all luxuries and comforts. For outdoor adventuring with the modern comforts of home, consider bringing with you some of the items featured below.

Don’t forget the tools for outdoor tasks as well. You may have the modern conveniences of your freshly brewed morning coffee but to get that fire going you’ll probably need the help of something to chop wood.

Genesis Basecamp Stove System, Jetboil

Powered by propane, this eco friendly ceramic non stick 10” frying pan with 5L FluxPot pot/lid combo make this a great piece of kitchenware to bring along the next time you head out camping. You’ll love how compact the stove is with this design which allows it to fold into the pot for easy packing.

Best Feature: With the FluxRing, you’ll be boiling water in no time.

BUY | $299.98

Flash Java Fresh Press, Jetboil

Another great product from Jetboil, included with the cooking system and portable coffee press is a sample of Green Mountain coffee. The clip on which secures the cup to the burner ensures there will be no accidental spills while preparing your fresh cup of java.

Best Feature: Use the push button ignition to get your coffee boiling within two minutes.

Tips on how to use a coffee press HERE.

BUY | $99.98

Bonfire – Portable Fire Pit, Solo Stoves

Originally featured on Kickstarter, the Bonfire portable fire pit has been named ”the world’s most unique fire pit” by it’s creators at Solo Stove. The actual fire pit is 14 inches in height and 19.5 inches wide and is made of 304 stainless steel. Fueled by firewood.

To find out how it works, watch this VIDEO.

Best Feature: Produces nearly no smoke and leaves little ash debris.

BUY | $299.98

Elk Gripper Knife & Sheath, Civilware

Durable and razor sharp, this handmade in America knife is constructed from 1095 carbon steel, one of the toughest of materials and has a full grain ambidextrious leather shealth to go along.

Best Feature: Material for the handle of the knife is sourced from a local Colorado supplier of farmed elk.

BUY | $59.98

The Max Multipurpose Axe Kit, Forrest Tool Co.

The Max Multipurpose Axe Kit is the ultimate piece of camping gear! With 7 tools compacted into one, you’ll always have the right tool for the job. Safety features ensure that the tools stay secure & locked and will not come off while in use. The 7 tools include: Ax/Sledge, a Mattock, a Pick, a Shovel, a Broad Pick, and a heavy-duty reversible Rake and Hoe.

Best Feature: Compact, comes with a Cordura carrying case.

BUY | $224.98

Safety & Survival

Often an oversight, we tend to bring everything we need for enjoying the outdoors including the kitchen sink, as the expression says, but many forget about the what if items. We don’t want you to be carrying around excess items just in case which is why we’ve recommended safety and survival items that also have daily purpose.

TE14 Headlamp, Third Eye Headlamps

Take a look at this Huckberry Exclusive! Never be left in the dark with the high powered headlamp which has a Cree XP-E white LED and a red light option. There are 6 brightness settings on this bad boy. The TE14 Headlamp is IPX6 waterproof, uses 3 AAA batteries, and has an adjustable angle tilt lens.

Best Feature: Insanely funky design, one size fits all!

BUY | $50

Luminoodle Plus, Power Practical

Another Kickstarter project, the 5ft or 10ft  rope light is powered by USB, delivers 180 lumens of output and includes a 4400 watt lithium battery and has a charge time of 4.5 hours. The Luminoodle plus is waterproof up to 1 meter for a duration of 30 min. Included with the rope light are built-in magnets and ties to help better secure the lights.

Best Feature: Lantern carrying case which helps diffuse light as well as acting as a carrying bag.

BUY | $39.99

Lifestraw Steel, Earth Easy

Known for being one of the most advanced water filtration systems, the Lifestraw has been named the Gold ISPO Award Winner for 2016/2017 in the Outdoor Category! The lifestraw allows the user to access safe drinking water from contaminated water sources. The two stage filtration system of the product removes bacteria and Protozoa to make the water safe to drink immediately.

Best Feature: Removes 99.99% of bacteria.

BUY | $54.95

Venture 30 W Solar Rechargeable Kit, Goal Zero

For a power pack that you can take out to the wilderness and depend on to charge all of your devices, the Venture 30W Solar Recharging kit will not disappoint. The kit is IPX6 waterproof and the Nomad 7 Solar panel gives 8-16 hours of power.

Best Feature: Can be charged with either the Nomad 7 Solar panel (in 9 hours) or the USB port (in 5)

BUY | $169.95

Beacon Carabiner Light, Barebones

For a great rechargeable and durable light that can be hung from just about anywhere with the attached carabiner consider adding this light to your supply list. The light itself emits 220 lumens on maximum and is able to run for 200 hours on the lowest setting and 3 hours on high. Included is a 30” charging cable. Recharging time is roughly 4-5 hours and it is advised to charge the li-ion battery every few months to maintain longevity.

Best Feature: The 8 watt li-ion battery is able to hold it’s charge an incredible amount of time on the lowest setting.

BUY | $29.98


Taking an afternoon nap or packing it in for the night, here’s a list to the essential sleep items that will ensure you can get the best rest.

Losi LS Backpacking Tent, Nemo Equipment

This 3 person tent, has more floor space than previous models (90 x 78 inch), has two doors, is 48” high, and is durable and packable. The Nylon Ripstop fabric adds to the durability and strength of the tent. Includes guy lines, repair kit, roll-up style stuff sack, stakes and rain fly.

Best Feature: The pole technology that is used to optimize the strength of the tent. Click here to learn more.

If you’re looking to spend less, try checking out the Galaxi 2P Footprint which is priced at $249.95

BUY | $489.95

Insulated Hammock Sleeping Pad, Klymit

Add this inflatable sleeping pad to your camping gear! The body mapping technology, allows the sleeping pad to form to your body for a comfortable sleep. It is the Klymalite insulation technology that keeps the warm air next to your body and will make sure you don’t wake up in a chill. Made from 20D polyester, the sleeping pad is lightweight and is easy to pack.

Best Feature: The Klymalite insulation technology

BUY | $154.98

Salsa 15 Reg Sleeping Bag, Nemo Equipment

Another great product from the company who created the Losi Ls Backpacking Tent. Nemo Equipment does a great job with this sleeping bag, it really does have everything even up to the zippered pocket near the head so you can store small personals while you sleep. The 650fp Down Tek treated down acts to repel water and the Nylon ripstop shell with DWR coating protects against the elements.

Best Feature: Its design which makes it incredibly comfortable and cozy while still being able to protect against the elements and keep you warm even when it dips to -9 Celsius

BUY | $194.98

Wallaby Hammock, Kammok

Here’s an ultralight, ultraportable hammock you’ll want to make part of your camping gear. Only 10 oz but with a weight capacity of 400lbs, this little beast can handle even the heaviest of company. The 40D diamond ripstop Nylon fabric ensured durability; this is a product that is built to last.

Best Feature: Hang your hammock literally anywhere! Includes 13KN Mini Kanga Claws & Racer Slings

Video: 6 ways to relax in your Wallaby Hammock

BUY | $94

Clothing & Footwear

Making sure you’ve prepared for your outdoor adventure by bringing along the right clothing & footwear; its definitely essential to ensure you stay warm, dry and are comfortable moving around in the environment.

A/T Hybrid Short, Iron & Resin

For a comfortable and flexible short that will move with you no matter whether you’re trekking or taking a casual trail walk, these Iron & Resin shorts will be a perfect fit. Made with a two way stretch fabric that is 57% Cotton/ 38% Polyester Fiber/ 5% Elastic.

Best Feature: The Nylon webbing waist cinch for beltless security

BUY | $59.98

Bamboo Henley, Free Fly

A modern twist on the traditional 3 button Henley. Made with a bamboo flex weight material of 47.5% Viscose from Bamboo / 47.5% Polyester Fiber / 5% Spandex. The 4 way stretch fabric ensures maximum comfort fit.

Best Feature: The Flex weight material offers greater warmth, with temperature regulation, mobility and coverage.

BUY | $49.98

AERIS, Finisterre

The AERIS is a fully reversible jacket that is water resistant, wind proof and breathable. This jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester with a part-recycled PrimaLoft fill.

Best Feature: The Synthetic fill retains 75% of its warmth when wet

BUY | $129.98

Skywalk GTX, Vasque

Designed as a hiking and backpacking boot, if you’re looking for a piece of footwear to last years on end, these are the boots to do just that. They have a simple and rugged construction and feature GORE-TEX with an extended comfort technology.

Best Feature: High quality material. It will be hard to find a boot that can outlive the Skywalk GTX

BUY | $169.98

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