Be kind to leather shoes and boots because if you are, they are going to serve you well and good for many years. If you have been searching for that perfect pair months on end, it makes even more sense to properly look after them. One of the best, albeit terribly old-fashioned ways, to maintain your leather footwear is applying shoe grease. Yes, shoe grease. The stuff used by our fathers, grandfathers and grand-grandfathers. Not only does shoe grease protect and preserve footwear, it also nourishes it, makes it waterproof and gives it shine like no other shoe maintenance product. If you’re willing to try, here is our suggestion – Huberd’s HSG Shoe Grease.

Huberd's Shoe Grease package

The Huberd’s Shoe Grease package has been the same since the start of its manufacturing

Huberd’s Company has been producing this grease since 1929 and, interestingly enough, the packaging has stayed the same ever since. It is one of those nifty tins with retro fonts that you associate with shoe maintenance products of yesteryear. Huberd’s Shoe Grease comes in something that resembles a small paint can which, in our opinion, adds even more charm to it.

Huberd's Shoe Grease effect

Huberd’s Shoe Grease will nourish your leather shoes and make them shiny and waterproof

The grease is made from beeswax and pine tar plus a few other natural oils. There are no animal products, preservatives and artificial materials in it. Beeswax is known for its waterproof properties, it preserves leather and is effective in renewing it. Huberd’s Shoe Grease substantially extends the life of leather boots and shoes and is even recommended for sport footwear. A word of advice before you use this grease – thoroughly clean your leather shoes from any dirt and dust because if you don’t, the grease will only form a sludge on the surface and will not do its job properly. Apply with soft cloth or hands. Last but not least, Huberd’s Shoe Grease comes with “an absolute money-back guarantee.”

Get it from Amazon here.

Huberd's Shoe Grease preparation

Before you apply this shoe grease, make sure you clean all dirt or it will have a counter effect on your shoes

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