How to Write a Research Paper on a Comedy Show

Writing a research paper on a comedy show isn’t just an account of the jokes made. Now that would be boring and dull to read. As someone capturing the essence of the comedy show in your writing, your paper must reflect the emotions and feelings the audience experienced throughout the show.

If you feel flustered and don’t know how to go about writing, here’s a series of steps you can follow to write a great comedy research.

Enjoy the show, but don’t forget to make points

A comedy show, as is its purpose, must be one which you attend to have a great time and laugh a little too much. Burdening yourself with an ever wandering anxiety of making note of every little detail won’t help you at all.

Be patient and let the ideas hit you. Instead of looking for points to note down, allow yourself to indulge in the show and whenever you feel that something about the show needs to be noted, put it down on paper. If you happened to get struck by an idea for your research, note that down as well. This way, you have it written and at no risk of being lost at the end of the show.

Once the event is over, take 5 minutes to go back over the event, look at your points and write down anything you feel you should have noted down but did not. Sitting down to write with these points would make it far easier for you to write a great paper.

Finding the right tone for writing

Each research paper, based on what it wishes to discuss or convey, follows a particular tone. While not every sentence strictly follows the tone, it’s noticeable when one looks at the research as a whole.
A paper that finds flaws and errors, the shortcomings, and how something could be improved follows a critical tone. One that celebrates an event, a person, or a thing would be considered to have a laudatory tone.

Understanding how you wish to go about writing your research paper is what you must prioritize. Go through event experience and find out the tone that fits best, based on your feelings towards the event. Writing a critical paper about a comedy show may be appropriate if the show didn’t deliver as per the curiosity it generated or didn’t meet expectations.

Having a tone to follow will make it much easier to start formulating the idea in your head and write an essay that captivates the audience with the clarity of a singular tone. However, as a writer, you must ensure that your essay isn’t biased in any manner.

Use college research paper writing services

You have your notes and the tone you wish your research to have, but you’re not confident enough to write the paper. If you’re a student who struggles to write great research papers or essays, it’s natural for you to feel so. However, you need not worry at all. You did a major chunk of the work by collecting points and deciding upon the tone.

You can continue learning how to write while a professional research paper writer at Edubirdie will do all your papers perfectly in short terms. Now you can give the rest of the work to pro writers who will write an awesome article that captures the essence of the comedy show.

Revise and perfect

Whether you’ve written the research paper on your own or had it written by someone else, you must read through it twice and find errors or room for improvement. Since this is your work, it must be in tandem with what you initially had in mind, if not better. Read it in your mind once and then once again out loud.

Critically look for changes you would want to make and then make those changes. Read it again and continue revising and changing till you reach a point of satisfaction.

The benefits of writing papers like these are that they allow you to challenge your thinking and writing skills while making you adept to write research paper on different kinds of topics. Before you submit the paper, have one last look to see it still seems perfect to you.


Writing a research paper on a comedy show would just be as difficult as writing one on any piece of art. Moreover, it can be tricky to critically write about an event that makes you laugh and point out places where it lacked as an art form. But by following these steps, you’ll be able to write one that properly captures the essence of the event.

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