How to Wear an Aviator Jacket Over Jogger Pants?

Aviator jackets hold a high stature in the list of the most stylish and versatile menswear staples. They are super comfortable to wear and give a high fashion score. The fact that an aviator jacket integrates seamlessly with casual garments makes one think about whether one could pair it with jogger pants as well?

The answer is Yes! The pairing of jogger pants with the aviator jacket is the perfect way to slay the casual look. You can definitely do fashion justice by pairing both of them in a variety of ways.

Below, we will lay down some cool and absolutely voguish ideas on how to wear your aviator jacket with comfy jogger pants.

Aviator Jacket and Jogger Pants: A Modern Touch to a Casual Style

Pairing unique essentials is a good idea to nail casual looks with style. In an attempt to look dapper, men often resort to pairing the same usual clothing item to play it safe. But stretching your style boundaries often adds an edginess that instantly elevates your look.

Jogger pants are pants made with comfortable fabric and are tapered towards the ankle. They are considered athletic wear, but they can be worn casually as well. Jogger pants can be paired with many types of t-shirts and jackets.

On the other hand, aviator jackets, also known as bomber jackets, are perfect for a bold style statement. Adding it to a casual, streetwear, or even a smart casual outfit adds a lot of charisma to it. An outfit combination featuring the classy bomber jacket and jogger pants is the same. You stay relaxed while wearing it, but it gives very easy going, edgy vibes.

Dapper Looks with the Aviator Jacket and Jogger Pants

Whether you are looking for a sporty touch, an elegant finish, or a trendy look, the jogger pants, and aviator jacket combo can give you any of these styles.

Look 1: The Street Style

The combination of the black aviator jacket with black joggers is enough to make heads turn wherever you go. Comfortable at its core and absolutely modish, any man can nail this outfit. Add authentic street vibes with neck chains, chunky white sneakers, and a stylish bucket hat.

Look 2: With a Sweater

Rock this cool yet minimal look by pairing an off-white sweater with blue jogger pants and a brown aviator jacket. You can also add a beanie to the mix to add some more warmth to this sophisticated fall look. Round off the look with brown leather sneakers.

Look 3: With a Hoodie

Check the contemporary fashion influencers’ social media feeds, and you will often spot them rocking a hoodie with a bomber style leather jacket. The easy going look can further be elevated by swapping your usual pair of jeans with jogger pants. Opt for a black pullover hoodie with grey joggers and a maroon bomber jacket. Chelsea boots are the most appropriate footwear choice with this classy look.

Look 4: With a Snapback

Men often use snapbacks as a finishing touch to increase the style meter reading of any outfit. A casual t-shirt, grey bomber jacket, and black jogger pants may be a simple sporty look, but you can add some more vibes to it by wearing a snapback. Go for the no-fail white sneakers with this look.

Look 5: With a Turtleneck and Muffler

The winter days bring with them an urge to stay warm and comfortable. But compromising on your trendy style is not the only solution. You can create amazingly voguish looks, which will ensure both style and coziness.

Just like an outfit featuring a black turtleneck, black bomber jacket, and a plaid muffler. Choose charcoal grey jogger pants with this outfit and black suede chukka boots for an impressive look.

Look 6: Baggy Striped Joggers

Team up a white crew neck t-shirt along with white baggy jogger pants with blue stripes. Layer a blue leather aviator jacket over it to instantly bring up the exclusive style. For the footwear, go with converse shoes which will complement the look.

Is ‘Fit’ Really Important?

The correct fit holds prime importance in the aviator jacket and jogger pants outfits. An ill fitting jacket and jogger pants that are too baggy hamper the edgy look that you are striving for.
You don’t want to look like you donned someone else’s jacket in a hurry over your sloppy loungewear. Instead, go for a custom made jacket that fits you perfectly and joggers that shape your legs. Keep in mind that for a flattering ensemble, well fitted clothing staples play a vital role.

What Type of Shoes Look Good with the Aviator Jacket and Jogger Pants Combo?

Various types of footwear can be paired with this outfit. However, we strongly suggest not to go for sandals or flip flops. Opt for low top sneakers, espadrilles, or slip on sneakers for an easy going look. If you want to take a step up from the athletic footwear, go for leather sneakers or Chelsea boots with your aviator jacket and joggers outfit.

Wrapping Up

Wearing an aviator jacket over jogger pants may seem like a mismatched idea at first. But if you do it the right way, it is definitely a fusion that will elevate your look.

You can take advantage of the ongoing Black Friday jacket deals to get some trendy aviator jackets. Choose your other clothes carefully and take care of the fit to create your ensemble. Also, amp up your accessories to make your outfit look more interesting.

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