How To Secure Your Brand?

These days, a brand is synonymous with a company’s success. We have things such as the Chester Cheetah, the iconic Coke signature, and Mickey D’s golden arches, all of which are iconic representations of their respective brands. Logos, graphics, public relations campaigns – creating a brand takes quite a lot of time, effort, and resources.

This is precisely why you should invest time and effort into protecting your brand to avoid losing the value you took time to create. Brands are in jeopardy of falsification, rip-offs, and a selection of other hazards. In this article, we’ll talk a bit about brand protection, what it can do for you, and we’ll list a couple of techniques that you can use to protect your brand.

Brand protection is a new essential for online businesses

The corporate world is not what it used to be. These days, brick-and-mortar stores have been replaced by eCommerce stores. The whole world has gone digital, and almost all companies have an internet presence.

With social media being such a vast thing, companies are looking for ways to interact with their target demographic as an appealing user brand rather than a soulless marketing corporation. Wendys has dropped a mixtape. Dennys is known for its witty and new-age comedy on Twitter, and some brands such as Subway are slow to catch on – what becomes apparent with these food franchises is that the digital realm is changing, and the evolution of the brands reflects those changes.

New rules, regulations, and requirements need to be met by brands scratching for their share of the internet if they don’t want to fall into obscurity.

Reasons why brand protection Is essential

The most crucial reason why brand protection is such a fundamental necessity in this day and age is that it stimulates growth. Through growth, companies can garner more clients, have a broader target demographic, and substantially increase their profits.

How do you think Apple got its monocle of the world’s most prestigious phone company. Innovation might have been a considerable part of it, but branding made Apple stand out among the crowd. These days, you’ll find a smartphone with far better specifications than the latest iPhone at half the price, and the iPhone will always outsell it.

Brand protection means protecting your company against counterfeits, copies, and unlicensed accessories. Every product that your company makes should only be made by your company, as that’s the only way to ensure that the products are any good.

The moment that consumers find something similar at a lower price is the second you’ve failed at brand protection. Their third-party item might be more affordable, but it’s probably inferior in quality. This will leave a sour taste in their mouth and impact their opinion about your brand once the item breaks. Even if the thing had nothing to do with your brand outside of association in the first place, the impression is still a negative one.

Risks that are mitigated through brand protection

By employing brand protection solutions in your corporate arsenal, not only do you remove the chance of your clientele coming across and consuming less than ideal products – you’re actively stimulating your growth.

If your products are sought after, and you’re the sole provider of them, the consumer base will have no choice but to go to you to get them.

Aside from growth, integrity, and profit – brand protection tactics will also help against counterfeiting of any kind, copyright infringement, theft, impersonation, and a range of other hazards that might give your company a less-than-ideal reputation with the consumer body.

List of techniques used to protect a brand

There is a selection of techniques used to protect a brand in the 21st century, and most of them revolve around data. Data is an essential resource in the digital landscape. Through data accumulation, refinement, and review – you’ll always know whether someone is infringing on your brand in any way, shape, or form.
Data harvesters, or web scrapers, are an increasingly popular tool for brands looking to invest in their brand protection as they search the internet for any mention of your brand or associated products.

Aside from data harvesting software solutions, proxies are increasingly popular as brand protection tools as they allow for the seamless stream of data, avoiding most geoblocking, censorship, and firewalls. If you’re interested in learning more about using proxies for efficient brand monitoring, Oxylabs has outlined several reliable solutions.


Brands are everything these days, and as the digital landscape keeps evolving and changing, brands are going to have to follow suit. New trends dictate the development of brand-consumer relationships. Since counterfeiting is more present now than ever, companies must do everything in their power to ensure the quality, integrity, and reputation of their products and services.

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