How to Make Your Anniversary Incredibly Special

Some of the best celebrations are those that involve just you and your partner. Valentine’s day, a quiet birthday, and – of course – your wedding anniversary.

An anniversary is the chance to celebrate the unconditional love between the pair of you. It’s a chance to reminisce about the old days, remember all the reasons you love one another, and make new memories.

Important Anniversaries

Some anniversaries deserve more attention than others. You might not feel like doing much on your eighth anniversary, whether that’s down to lack of funds or time, and that’s OK. The following anniversaries are more important and require more effort from both parties. Each includes its unique gems to incorporate into your gift or celebration.

• 5 Years – Sapphire
• 10 Years – Diamond
• 25 Years – Silver Jubilee
• 30 Years – Pearl
• 40 Years – Ruby
• 50 Years – Gold Jubilee

If one of these anniversaries is coming up, you want to make sure you go all out!

Either way, if you’re stuck for ideas on how to make your wedding anniversary more special than ever, read on.
Find the Perfect Setting
The setting is everything – just think about your wedding day! To celebrate in the best way, find a place that the pair of you love. If you have the time and the funds, you could even take a trip somewhere romantic like Rome or Prague.
There are options closer to home, too. If you want to throw an anniversary party, why not celebrate in style on a yacht? Look for a yacht rental Marina Del Rey to host the ultimate anniversary party on the water. It’ll be a night nobody forgets!

Go Back to an Old Destination

An anniversary is a time to look back on your favorite memories while making new ones. One of the best places to do this is in an old destination you are both fond of. Maybe you had your first date at an old cinema that’s still going strong, or perhaps your first vacation took place in a beautiful city full of music and culture. Either would make the perfect anniversary destination.

Going back to an old destination will bring back the flood of memories and emotions that you had back then, helping to strengthen your relationship now. The location might even become a regular getaway spot.

Travel To a New Place

Traveling to a place you visited in your youth is incredibly romantic, but that isn’t your only option for a special anniversary. Instead, you could make new memories in a brand-new place – somewhere you’ve never been before. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do a safari in South Africa, or perhaps you’d love to explore the cobbled streets of a British city.

Some of the most romantic couples’ destinations are:
• Paris
• Venice
• Rome
• Hawaii

Share an Expensive Bottle

That lovely ‘pop’ of a bottle is synonymous with celebrating, so go ahead and buy a bottle more expensive than you’d usually opt for. Or, if you are lucky to have an old bottle kept from years ago, go ahead and open that.

You can choose to enjoy it at home before a home-cooked meal, or you could take it to a fancy hotel to pop open before you go out for a night on the town. Either way, it’s a great start to your anniversary evening.

Give Something Handmade

While spending a lot of money on a piece of jewelry or vacation is a great way of showing your partner how much you love them, there’s something even more special about handmade gifts. It doesn’t just show that you have money to spend on them – it shows that you have time to give them, too.

Even if you’re not too crafty, there are plenty of craft ideas for making your partner something thoughtful. A scrapbook would be especially romantic, as you could document all your favorite memories within those pages.

Gather Your Favorite People
While it is nice to spend time with just your partner, sometimes an anniversary calls for gathering your favorite people and celebrating as a group. It gives you and your friends a chance to let your hair down and celebrate the wonderful marriage you’ve built over the years.

You could throw a party, invite friends for a night on the town, or even go for a mini getaway with your closest friends and family. If you and your partner have separate friendship groups, it could be the perfect opportunity to mix them up. You never know, some great friendships might be made on your anniversary!

Watch Your Wedding Video

If your wedding was many years ago, then there’s a chance you have forgotten a lot of it. You might remember the cutting of the cake, the slight dress mishap, or your uncle’s great moves on the dance floor, but what about all the other little moments?

Watching your wedding video is the perfect anniversary activity, as you can sit back and watch the best day of your life with your favorite person. You will likely laugh, cry, and smile at how amazing the day was and how far you have come.

Dress to Impress

While you might not need a gown or suit as you did on your wedding day, an anniversary is still a great time to dress up – especially if you don’t usually. If you have a dress in your wardrobe that never gets the chance to be worn, get it out and put it on for your special day. Your partner will surely appreciate it!

Write Down How You Feel

Some couples find they don’t voice how they feel as much as time goes on. That doesn’t necessarily mean that feelings have dwindled – more often than not, it’s just that the couple feels more comfortable with each other.

You should let your significant other know how much you love them, though, especially on your anniversary. If you want it to be really special, write down how you feel. You could write a list of reasons why you love your partner, or you could get creative and write them a cute poem sending with a bouquet of flowers together!!

Have a Board Games Night

Your anniversary doesn’t have to empty your bank account for it to be special. Sometimes, the best celebrations are those that are intimate and simple, like a board games night.

Board games promote a healthy amount of competitiveness and bonding. It’s a great way to spend time with just the two of you. By the end of it, you can stick on a movie and finish the evening with a bottle of wine.

Get a Wedding Photograph Printed

The chances are you already have your favorite wedding photos printed. There might be some that are tucked away that are worthy of hanging, though. You might have thought your hair looked funny all those years ago, but now you see that your smile is the most genuine in that photo. As an anniversary gift to the pair of you, go through your wedding photos and choose one to get professionally printed for your home.

Invest in Your Home Together

Always wanted a home library? Have you been thinking about setting up a bar? To celebrate your anniversary, spruce up your home in a way both of you approve of. While it might not be the most romantic activity, it’s a gift that benefits the pair of you. Plus, home improvements are always exciting.

Renew Your Vows

If you are far along in your marriage, you might consider renewing your vows for your wedding anniversary. It’s a great option for couples that wish to throw a party or those who have overcome a lot in their marriage. You can stand before your partner once more and tell them all the reasons that they are the one for you.

Enjoy a Candlelit Dinner

There is nothing wrong with staying traditional when it comes to celebrating your anniversary. A candlelit dinner is a classic romantic date – one that allows you to focus solely on the person at the other end of the table. Visit a restaurant that delivers outstanding service and delicious food, and you will look back on your anniversary with fondness.

Do Something Spontaneous

As you get older, the chance to do something spontaneous lessens. You might have been a wild, adventurous couple in your twenties, trotting the globe and jumping into lakes, but as the years go by, you find less opportunity to do something out of your comfort zone.
For your wedding anniversary, travel back in time and do something spontaneous. You could book a last-minute trip to a European city, cook a meal you’ve never eaten, or climb your rooftop for some romantic stargazing. The slight risk will ignite your relationship’s spark.

You should always put effort into making your anniversary special, as it’s one day where you get to celebrate your marriage. Pick something fun to do, get dressed up, and take a trip down memory lane while you enjoy one another’s company.

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