How To Make Money In Your Spare Time


Some say money doesn’t make a person happy, but we can all agree that you never seem to have enough of it. How To Money In Your Spare Time is a great and funny book that will teach you just how to make that extra cash. Oh, we should probably mention that these ways aren’t exactly legal. You’ve heard it- mafia, politicians and the underworld will be your teacher here.

How To Money In Your Spare Time is a quick read. The advice you get is practical, very easy to follow and can actually be applied to legal industries as well. You will learn all kinds of stuff about the underworld and how they get things done, but also have an occasional laugh here and there.

A Drawing Of A Guy Looking Through Money Bill

How To Money In Your Spare Time is a funny book with useful information on making money in “not so legitimate” way.

There’s also a follow-up on this book called How To Be A Drug Dealer. This one is as hilarious as the one before and gets into all the details about drug dealing.

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