How To Make Instagram Content Calendar For Best Results

Instagram is the new obsession among people and it is here to stay for a long time. People find Instagram an easy way to spend their time, making it a hub for social media marketing for all kinds of businesses. Your Instagram followers expect a mix of promotional content with relationship-building content so try not to seem so pushy by posting a lot of things in one day and then disappearing for weeks. A content calendar helps you stay ahead of the game and plan out any themes for your grid.

Your content calendar is customized to your needs, you can make a simple or complex calendar according to your schedule and team. Read ahead to find out how you can make the most of this tool to optimize your Instagram page. We have listed a few steps that can help you get started which are:


Every single month has a holiday or theme that you may want to incorporate into your feed. Your Instagram followers will love these posts and they will be more shareable if it is centered on an ongoing theme. The main benefit of scheduling is that you can look at all the upcoming festivals or events and plan on posting content according to it. If you are not using these opportunities then you are missing out on valuable moments to forge connections. You can also look for any social cause pertaining to a month and post about that. When you hit popular topics, you are more likely to gain new Instagram followers and retain the existing ones.


Hashtags are pretty important in social media posts as they act as these categorizing filters. They can make your post visible to a larger audience if they were interested in that category. If there is an upcoming event, it is likely to have a hashtag associated with it. You can also plan alternate hashtags that aren’t used as much to make sure your post is not lost in the sea. You can put them on the schedule so that you don’t forget to use them. Hashtags not only establish your post in an event but eventually, you can create your trendy hashtags, about your brand to increase visibility.


Don’t plan out content for a single post and be done with it. You need to plan the content for at least 2 weeks at once so that you can put them on your schedule and be done with it. It will save you a huge amount of time in the future. Have a digital content box that can be easily accessible through any device on accounts like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can include the links of individual files and put them on your content calendar, which is great for scheduling your posts. There would be no frantic searching for your content when you have linked them to your content calendar, which is a huge relief to many absent-minded people.


Now comes the most important thing, the actual schedule. You need it to be a balanced mix of your promotional content and entertainment. Don’t promise more than you can deliver, if you decide to post multiple times in one day, you will run out of material soon, and not to mention, you will exhaust yourself in the process. If you space out your posts sufficiently, you will be able to keep your Instagram followers engaged and not overwhelm them with content either. Add your team to edit the schedule too, you might get valuable input from them too.


Stories are a good way to connect with your followers on a human level. You can put up stories of behind-the-scenes work clips, images of your workspace or create a long story about how you started your journey on social media. Your Instagram followers will be welcoming of your non-professional side and it might influence more people to follow you. Other story ideas include random thoughts, humorous bloopers, or anything that your followers are likely to react to so that it increases engagement, growth rate. Content calendars are amazing as they help you in scheduling stories too, which makes it a very time-saving and cost-effective tool you should invest in.


Content scheduling is a time-saving hack very few people take advantage of. When you are marketing your brand on Instagram, you can be overwhelmed with the amount of work you have despite having a good team in place. You might get confused on whether you should put the time in to improve your product or in improving your Instagram feed. Try out the tips and tricks we have listed to optimize your content calendar and soon you will notice a huge difference in your performance and growth rate. Your Instagram followers will also highly appreciate the new way in which the content is delivered to them and stay with you for a long time.

Scheduling is how you can plan content, communicate with your followers, form connections and plan marketing strategies. Don’t think too much, you will get a handle on it when you start working on your content calendar. So all there’s left for you is to begin soon!

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