How to Know Your CBD Flower Is High-Quality

Many people have had the disappointing experience of purchasing poor-quality CBD flower. In many cases, smoking old or incorrectly stored CBD flower can result in a less-than-desirable smoking experience where you feel little to no effects. As upsetting as this can be, it doesn’t have to put you off purchasing more CBD flower in the future. Here are a few helpful tips for ensuring the CBD flower you buy is high-quality.

The Supplier Is Reputable

Sometimes, enjoying consistently excellent CBD products can come down to the business you purchase them from. Some of the best CBD stockists, like Secret Nature CBD, know the most appropriate storage settings for CBD products and ensure they’re maintained until those products head home with their new owners. As a general rule, you can expect quality no matter what you buy when you shop with a reputable, highly-regarded CBD supplier.

You Can Smell Them

Most of the time, high-quality CBD flower has a strong aroma that stands out from other smells. Often, the stronger the smell, the higher the terpene content. However, if you can’t smell that familiar cannabis scent when you put your nose close to CBD flower, don’t be in a hurry to buy it. In most cases, CBD flower loses its aroma when it hasn’t been stored properly. In that case, it also might not provide the effects you’re trying to experience for stress, pain, sleep, or something else.
In the same way that you would avoid CBD flower if it has no smell, consider alternative products if the CBD flower you’re inspecting smells like hay. The hay-like smell comes from chlorophyll and can be a sign that the hemp has dried out too quickly. While you can still smoke the CBD flower with additional drying time, you likely won’t enjoy the experience as much as you would with a better-prepared CBD flower.

It Looks Frosty

Seeing CBD flower with what looks like fluffy white hairs all over them might make you think that you’re dealing with mold. However, CBD flower’s frosty appearance can be a good thing. Those small white hair-like features are trichomes. The larger they are, the more potent and aromatic the CBD flower is. If you’re struggling to see the trichome quantity on your preferred bud, take a picture with your smartphone and zoom in. If the flower is high-quality, it should have dozens of crystalline white hairs that may not always be visible to the naked eye.

The CBD Flower Is Vibrant

CBD flower stands out from the crowd with its beautiful range of vibrant colors like purple, green, and orange. The brighter the colors, the more high-quality the CBD flower tends to be. However, if the colors are unusually dull, or you notice shades of yellow, red, or brown, consider not wasting your money. CBD flower with these flat colors tend to produce weak effects, meaning you likely won’t enjoy your CBD flower-smoking experience.
Most beginner CBD users won’t know how to differentiate between poor-quality and high-quality CBD flower. However, by paying attention to vibrancy, aroma, trichomes, and your supplier’s reputation, you might improve your chances of purchasing CBD flower that contributes to a memorable experience.

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