How to Get By From the Lack of Intimacy During a Lockdown

The lockdown situation has changed the way people think about intimacy. Both people in a relationship, and those who are not were having trouble coping up with this situation. Thus, the quest to find a way to get by while on a lockdown becomes more sought out.

As a result, some single people find comfort in erotic movies and videos. On the other hand, people in relationships who are away from each other are relieving themselves by using adult toys like dildos, fleshlight, maturbators, etc. Also, there are others that seek each other virtually to quench the lack of intimacy.

Either you belong to the single or in-the-relationship group, all have different approaches in order to get by during the pandemic. Therefore, you should know your needs based on the group you belong to. Here are few solutions, whether you are single, living together with your partner, or in a long-distance relationship.

Under The Same Roof

Living together has a lower likelihood of having to feel the lack of intimacy despite the lockdown situation. However, it is undeniable that even if you are together in one roof, intimate relationships still suffer one way or another. Boredom, petty quarrels, alone time, etc., are just a few of the many issues that may arise inevitably. What to do?

1. Try new things together every day. One way to negate boredom and maintain interest in each other is to explore exciting things together. You can schedule certain activities that you have never done before—for instance, a movie night or a morning exercise. Cooking can also be one of the best options. Nothing beats good food together with someone you love.

2. Make love as often as you need. One advantage of living together is that making love is available. Thus, keeping the level of intimacy in check will keep your relationship sailing.

Apart From Each Other

Relationships with distance as a barrier suffer more from the lack of intimacy. Even more so during lockdowns, they cannot even afford to get a plane ticket due to travel restrictions. To address this situation, some tend to look for alternatives.

1. Do virtual dates. Going to virtual dates is all you can do when you are apart. It is the only way to see your significant other in real-time. Thus, it is an essential remedy to the longing you might feel during lockdowns.

Furthermore, although you cannot touch each other— seeing them and hearing them is already a feat by itself. It is better than nothing from them for months.

2. Send random gifts via online delivery services. Various services are readily available online such as food and essential commodities. You might want to surprise your significant other by sending something to their address. It is done best during celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, or just a random day.

3. Using adult toys as a remedy for the lack of intimacy. Many modern couples agree to use masturbators to aid themselves. The longing you feel might just require an experience closer to the real one, and that is because adult toys imitate the actual male and female genitals.


Being in single marital status is undoubtedly troublesome when it comes to seeking intimacy. Most people in this group would require temporary help to ease themselves. Here are some options to take.

1. Get yourself a boyfriend or a girlfriend. The best way to get yourself the intimacy you need is to get out of the single zone. How do you do this on a lockdown? There is but one option in achieving this, and that is online dating.

Talking to people on an online dating site will give you the chance to get a potential partner and unexpected friendships.

2. Try using online dating apps and sites. Nobody can freely roam around and date on a lockdown. Hence, online dating can remedy that. Know your preference in finding a match by setting your criteria and qualifications in the app.

Once you found someone compatible, you will now be under the LDR group. The points stated above will now become your options.

3. Watch erotic movies and videos. Single life sometimes makes you long for what couples do. However, one way to aid this longing is by watching movies and videos.

4. Masturbation. Everyone masturbates, since it is the closest thing available to feel intimate. However, some people spice it up through sex toys or also known as adult toys. Today, many online shops sold more adult toys than the days without lockdown. It goes to show how people make up for the lack of intimacy by buying adult products.


Getting by during lockdowns can be very troublesome. Hence, relationships seem to crumble faster these days than before. Many factors contribute to this, but the lack of intimacy is one major cause.

Therefore, you must find ways to ignite that little fire of intimacy that you have left. Whether you are fortunate to be together with your partner or unfortunate to be apart, it is your responsibility to keep your relationship in check.

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