How to Create a Streetwear Style

Streetwear is a popular clothing style which looks fashionable and stylish when you get it right. Yet it can be overwhelming when creating your streetwear style if you’re not exactly sure which items go together.
This guide will help.

What is Streetwear?

Streetwear is a collection of casual, urban clothing, highly influenced by urban music and pairing together some of the best design features from hip hop, skate and punk culture. It can be embraced by any demographic or age, but it’s most commonly associated with urban youth. It’s a fluid and energetic style which can be maintained in a variety of ways.
So how can you best achieve that streetwear look?

Use Your Layers

Iconic streetwear pieces tend to be hoodies, t-shirts and a high-quality outer jacket. Layer these items in the correct way and you have an authentic streetwear look. The best thing is, you can mix and match these kinds of items to still find your personal style and colour preferences while still sticking to the rules of streetwear.
JACK1T have a great range of durable outerwear to help you find your best look.

Don’t Get Too Caught Up with Labels and Brands

Simply finding out the biggest designer label in streetwear and wearing every single item of theirs possible doesn’t mean that you’ve created a good streetwear style. Within youth culture, it’s easy to want recognition for your brands and to be seen to be wearing the top names in streetwear.
While researching your labels is important, it isn’t everything: you should wear the items which work best for you. Being too obvious with your labels might be seen as you trying too hard, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in the items to begin with.

It’s All About the Sneakers

The shoes really do make the outfit when it comes to streetwear: and, specifically, this means a good pair of sneakers. High-end sneakers can be very expensive, and it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with sneaker trends with so many new designers and styles on the market.
Therefore it’s more important to invest in a hard-wearing, comfortable sneaker that can easily correspond with any outfit rather than constantly chasing the latest sneaker brands.

Opt for Loose Fit

If you’re wearing streetwear fashion, you shouldn’t be too concerned with a figure-hugging silhouette. Streetwear is made to be casual and comfortable, and a loose fit is preferable when trying out this style.
There is nothing wrong with getting a more fitted style, such as with your outer jacket, so that it better matches your body shape, but the clothes should hang on the looser side and leave you free to move in them.

Think ‘High-End Casual’

A casual item can easily become streetwear with the right high-end fabric. If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable sweatpants, a high-quality material and dependable brand can transform a basic look into an urban outfit. The same logic applies to hoodies and cargo trousers. Cheap fabrics and design may be perfect for lounging about the house: but upgrade the design and fabric quality and you have the perfect streetwear outfit to take outdoors.

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