How to Compare CBD Products from Different CBD Manufactures

The CBD market is a crowded space. Finding the right CBD oil manufacturer can be challenging. Unethical CBD companies prey on uneducated buyers. It’s important to know what to look for when comparing CBD products from different CBD manufactures.

When you buy CBD online, there are four major factors all reputable companies will have.

• USA Hemp
• GMP Certified Facility
• Lab Tests
• A clear list of ingredients including carrier oil

Understanding these four crucial to finding CBD suppliers you can trust.

CBD Oil Manufacturers USA

Buying hemp from the USA means that the farm will be heavily regulated by the FDA. While the online CBD oil market is still the wild west of fraudulent companies making bogus claims, the USA hemp farming industry is honest. They are regularly checked by the FDA, making sure the hemp they are growing is below the legal threshold of 0.3% THC.

If a CBD supplier is getting their hemp from outside the United States, it could mean that the hemp could contain harmful pesticides. Using an extract from a USA hemp farm assures you are consuming safe, chemical-free hemp.

CBD Extraction Companies

Most hemp farmers aren’t part of the extraction process. So, who makes CBD oils? Most CBD suppliers source their raw hemp from a farm and then use a manufacturing facility for extraction.

When looking at different CBD manufacturers, make sure they are using a facility Good Manufacturing Processing certified. This ensures that the CBD manufacturer is consistently producing quality products.

To become GMP certified, the company must go through rigorous product testing and give full transparency to regulators. The five components of a GMP facility are people, premises, processes, products, and procedures.

Top CBD Manufacturers

All top CBD manufacturers will provide lab tests for all their products. If a company isn’t willing to have the CBD and THC contents available online, easily available to view, they are not a reputable company. Any CBD business that doesn’t show lab tests is most likely hiding something. Unfortunately, this is an all too regular occurrence in the CBD market.

Lab tests come in the form of COAs or Certificate of Analysis. Lazarus Naturals CBD oil provides their lab tests on each product page. They list the product name, SKU number, batch number, date produced, and expiration date.

All top CBD manufacturers provide at least cannabinoid potency tests. This allows the user to easily find how much CBD and THC is in each serving. Lazarus Naturals CBD oil also has terpene and heavy metals tests.


All reputable CBD companies will provide a clear list of ingredients. The user should be able to easily find what type of carrier oil is being used. They should also state if there are any other ingredients in the product.

The carrier oil is important. The two most common are MCT oil (coconut) or hemp seed oil. Both are good carriers, but neither have any CBD in them. Some shady retailers try and pass hemp oil for CBD oil. This can be confusing to a first-time buyer. CBD is derived from hemp, but hemp oil is hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds do not contain any cannabinoids.

Whether you are looking for a new CBD oil company or you want to give CBD oil capsules a try, doing your research is key. The CBD industry is still new and will take time to weed out the shoddy CBD oil manufacturers. As long as you follow this guide, you won’t be taken advantage of when buying CBD online. Remember to always look for COAs, USA hemp, the GMP certification, and a clear list of ingredients.

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