How to change Instagram fonts & fonts on other social platforms

Do you think that default fonts on social media platforms are not attractive? Further, you will learn how to make your content outstanding and highlight essential information in captions and bios.

You are likely to notice a trend for changing fonts among big influencers and Instagram shops. They emphasize headlines in captions or powerful words like “sale,” discount.” Also, it’s a common practice to insert decorated characters into the name section. When you watch someone’s stories, users will quickly notice you among the viewers and tap to check on your profile.

Below you will discover the methods to create Instagram fonts and Discord font, symbols for Facebook and Twitter. Also, I will show ideas and examples on how to add fonts to your profile.

How to generate Instagram fonts and not only them

If you aim to diversify fonts for accounts on your social media platform, you need to know trusted tools. There are special web-based services that allow you to insert fonts into social media accounts.

What types of fonts can you apply?

  • Bold fonts – perfect for captions headlines.
  • Cursive fonts – suitable for highlighting certain words in captions.
  • Cursed fonts – can be added to stimulate the attention of viewers. You can create these letters via a cursed text generator.
  • Stylized fonts – gothic, minimalistic, romantic, and other fonts powered with a specific vibe.

When choosing a font for your account, take into account the general aesthetics and the mood of your content. A font you pick should be related to the core idea of your content. Moreover, it’s undesirable to apply more than three fonts in one account. In this game, less is more, so narrow your choice to up to 3 styles.

It will be simple to understand how to use fonts with examples. In the next section, you will find some ideas you may apply to your accounts on social networks.

Best use cases of Instagram fonts

Let’s review how 2 striking IG accounts take advantage of fancy symbols. One is the IG-based shop, the other one is a fashion feature account.

Fonts use by @ohpolly

This Instagram-based shop counts 3.7 million followers, and the engagement is enormous. Remarkably, that this young fashion brand utilizes not just the built-in Instagram font.

  • Fonts in bio. You will find 2 different fonts in the description of this account. Firstly, @ohpolly underlines the release of their new collection – OH POLLY INTIMATES. Secondly, they highlight the CTA placed in bio with a bold font – Sign up with the link below. Thanks to highlighted texts, users are more encouraged to act on this account.
  • Fonts in captions. @ohpolly applies several fonts in a caption; the texts are usually lengthy, so adding highlighted fonts helps the reader consume the information quickly. They always highlight call-to-action (like & save this post). Also, trigger phrases like “gonna adore it”, ” you don’t wanna miss this one.”

All in all, if you manage a shop on Instagram, using fonts will help your captions to stand out in the feed. As a result, you can sell more.

Awesome fonts application by @theparisianchique

This account is dedicated to french aesthetics. They post images somehow related to this culture – from models, actresses to decor ideas and architecture. You can find a stylized font that is perfectly aligned with the general mood and design of this IG profile.

  • A stylish font in the Instagram name section. The name of this account (The Parisian Chique) is written in a vintage romantic mood. Thanks to this decoration, the name is highlighted when it appears among the viewers of stories. It makes account owners interested to view the profile, which expands reach.
  • The bio description is powered with a font. If the name is typed in capitals, lower case letters are used for the whole bio text. This a good idea you can take away and use on your account. Remember to add an action stimulating CTA, so people click on the link that you insert as your website destination.
  • Font for Highlights. The core font style is preserved in the cover images of stories Highlights. Thanks to this hack, this account looks pleasant for new viewers that encourage them to follow.

@theparisianchique doesn’t apply fonts in the caption because they are usually short and contain a mention of an author of an image.

Fonts use ideas from @homestyle_bycarly

@homestyle_bycarly is a growing account sharing valuable hacks about home decor and interior styling. You will find two various fonts in the bio section that really make this profile attractive. Moreover, fonts help random viewers get the purpose of the posts.

  • Special font for the account’s name. The name of the profile is highlighted with a bold and cute font. Even if you open this account in a browser, the name will be highlighted in the tab.
  • Fonts in the bio description. A compelling bio is often a crucial factor for people when they doubt if they should follow you or no. @homestyle_bycarly defines 3 niche specification of this account – Home decor | Interior styling | Upcycling.

I suggest that you grab this hack and make your bio descriptive. Firstly, potential followers will better get your niche and the type of post they expect to see on their feed. Secondly, a good description will improve the searchability of your account. Instagram will consider these words as SEO keys. If people input “home decor,” “interior styling,” or “upcycling,” Instagram algorithms will likely show this account. All because these words are included in the bio.

As a result, you need fancy fonts for your bio and precise keywords by which people can easily find you. Try to research similar accounts in your industry and inspect their bios. Use common words in your profile name or bio to help users discover your content in the app.


Having stylish symbols at your fingertips will help your content win more views and grab attention in the feed. Also, fonts for bios, names, captions, and stories make the delivered information easy to consume. Don’t miss a chance to pick fonts for social networks because they really rock in 2021.

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