How to Become a Virtual Assistant in 2023

Getting an Online Virtual Assistant Job in 2023
Learn everything there is to know on how to become a virtual assistant in 2023. Pick up all the tips and tricks to become a successful assistant.

A virtual assistant is one of the hottest new positions for modern businesses. In 2023, many online virtual assistant jobs are being sought out and claimed. Thanks to expert job sites like Jooble, you can find new openings that can properly train you in the position. However, it will be nice to understand what you are getting into. This is why we have a few tips you can learn in preparation. These mainly act as guidelines to understand some basics. Keep these tips in mind to ace any interview you apply for. Learn how to become the best virtual assistant in 2023.

What Do You Offer?

Virtual Assistants can choose to specialize in multiple areas. What it means to be an assistant can entirely depend on the business or client. Sometimes you may be handling multiple tasks or an expert at just one. As a VA, you should try to be skilled at multiple things. This can be from organizing emails to handling social media. Keep an eye on your skills or work to develop them before applying. The more you work out your brand, the clearer you can advertise yourself to potential clients.

Gaining Experience

There are many ways to gain qualifications and experience to improve your interview chances. A lot of experience can be gained from working freelance. Looking for internships where you work in an administrative role is where to start. Employees will always be looking for previous experience before considering you for hire. In terms of proper qualifications, an example would include the Google Project Management: Professional Certificate, the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook Associate, and the SalesForces Administrator.

Who Do You Wish To Work For?

Besides working on yourself, it is vital to know who to work for. Depending on your skillset, you may wish to work for someone you can help the most. For example, if you excel at social media, you may want to work for someone who uses this platform for advertising. If you are good at handling emails and documents, there is a wide range of clients you are well suited for. If you have a passion for a particular project, a client who works in this field could be your goal. Sort out your preferences and find openings that match them on job sites.

Work on Your CV

Once you know about your skills and have ascertained your goals, you can work towards building your CV. To truly aim for a VA position, it is best to develop your CV around this dream job. Focus on how your skills can benefit you the most while working. Put together your previous work experience with neat and tidy information. Make it clear that you know what you would be doing when given the opportunity. Even if you have no experience, choose your words carefully to highlight your passion for the work.

Work Out Your Rates

The most critical step, especially when working freelance, is to know how much you’re worth. You need to be honest about your rates until you build up your experience. The more work listings you have under your belt, the higher your charge can be. Work within the borders of the minimum wage and add on 25% extra from the market value. Since freelancers are responsible for their own taxes and insurance, it is best to keep these in mind when working out values. Learn to add on or subtract from the amount when you can.

Once You are Ready

If you have your CV sorted and all preparations made, it is time to start job searching. Many professional job boards will have VA positions listed. Since many of them can work from home, it is easy to have online interviews. Learn to become the best virtual assistant and put your skills to the test.

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