How to Add Glamor to Your Next Party: A Guide

As we grow older, our conceptions of what makes a good party change dramatically. From slap-dash events where you invite only your closest friends, you’ll develop a taste for the refined and the truly memorable. And often, this means adding more glamor to proceedings.
In this article, we’ll take a look at the four elements that you can add to your party or event in order to inject it with a dose of opulence and glamor. In so doing, you’ll curate a night that your guests won’t soon forget.

Dress Code

One way to raise the bar at your next event is to encourage your guests to wear their finest outfits. By setting a dress code from the outset, and listing it as part of your invitation, you’ll give your guests ample time with which to plan their outfit for your event. And, on the night, as guests arrive, you’ll be dazzled by the effort they’ve put in, as they’ll all have dressed to impress. A simple dress code can encourage your guests to get into a glamorous frame of mind, which is perfect for what else you’ll have planned.

Hiring Live Musicians

Add more than a touch of class to your next party by inviting in musicians to serenade your guests for the duration of your evening. It’s up to you who you pick and you can find a list brimming with talent on So, whether you’re in the mood for jazz music, heavy rock, or something a little more classical, you’ll be able to find the right professionals to wow your guests. Live music certainly gives a sense of opulence to an evening and enables your guests to party into the night as the music gets faster and more passionate.

Venue and Decoration

When you put effort into the venue that you’re hosting your party in, it reflects back into the minds of your guests. That means that if you’re looking to host a classy event, you should go all out on features such as:
• Balloons and other sparkly party good
• Flowers and bouquets – especially for weddings
• Luxury tables with white cloths and candles
• Opulent lighting – whether fairy lights or a large chandelier or disco ball
Guests at parties love feeling that they’re somewhere unique so this is your chance to dazzle them with your creativity and artistic touch.

Food and Drink

As a general rule, the more you spend on the catering and the drink, the classier your party will feel. If your guests are served by waiters in gloves and bow ties, they’re going to feel incredibly sophisticated. Whereas, if they’re lifting a can of beer out of an ice bucket, they’ll feel that your party’s a little on the budget side. Balance out your evening by matching the food and drink with the venue and the investment you’re making in your party. In doing so, your guests will enjoy a well-planned and luxuriant evening with their closest friends.
Use these key party-planning tips to add a dash of glamor to your next big event.

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