How Important are Graphics for Your Dirtbike?

According to industry reports, dirt bike sales are on the rise. It seems a growing number of thrill seekers are turning to this sport for their much-needed adrenaline rushes, so if you’ve jumped headlong into this pastime, you’re far from being alone. Statistics show that the dirt bike following is spanning more age groups as well. Even little ones who are barely out of diapers are getting involved in the sport. Some people take part in dirt biking competitively whereas others enjoy it as a hobby. Either way, dirt bike graphics are a major part of the experience.

Why Are Graphics Important for Dirt Bikes?

Many people overlook the sheer importance of graphics. That includes members of the dirt bike community as well as people on the outside. However, those visuals bring quite a few attributes to the table. Consider the following reasons graphics for your dirt bike can be beneficial whether you’re a competitor or a hobbyist.


One of the most significant reasons for adding graphics to a dirt bike is customization. When those bikes roll off of the assembly line, they’re identical to all the other members of their lineup. One exception might be the color of paint they’re given during manufacturing. Of course, dirt bikers aren’t identical. Each one has his or her own personality and interests. Though you might have a few things in common with fellow riders, you’re also a unique individual. Graphics kits allow riders to customize their bikes to match their personalities.

Sponsor Tribute

If you ride competitively, you’re probably well aware of how expensive this sport can be. Purchasing the bike and fuel is only part of the picture. You also have to cover the costs of a trailer to tow the bike to competitions. There’s the price of routine maintenance and ongoing repairs to consider, too. All that can really add up when you’re paying for it out of pocket. That means competitive riders rely on sponsors to cover the expenses. Graphics kits allow riders to pay homage to their sponsors, showing appreciation for their funding and providing extra advertising to boot.


Graphics also enhance the aesthetic aspect of a dirt bike. As mentioned, they make a bike unique so it doesn’t look exactly like all the other members of its lineup. Graphic kits make your bike stand out in a crowd while reflecting your personality.

Additionally, bikes’ plastic body parts are subjected to a great deal of abuse during rides, so they’re bound to acquire scuffs, scratches, and other types of damage. Continually replacing damaged body parts is expensive, but graphics can be a more affordable way to cover up the damage and keep a bike looking great. If you add the graphics before your bike acquires damage, they can help protect it from wear and tear. Though the appliques may get scuffed, they can be replaced quickly and inexpensively.

Making Sure Your Dirt Bike Looks Its Best

If, like many dirt bikers, you’re looking for an effective and affordable way to customize your bike, graphics kits may be the answer. An endless array of designs is available, and adhesive graphics are simple to apply. They’re designed specifically to fit the type of bike you own, so they don’t have to be altered to make them fit. On top of all that, graphics kits can protect bikes from damage and hide any scratches that may already be present.

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