How Design And Layout Impacts Casino Attendance

How Design And Layout Impacts Casino Attendance

A lot of attention is paid to layout, design and overall appearance when developing an online casino. Why is this important? Does appearance have an impact on visiting an online casino?

To understand this, you need to delve a little deeper into theory. What is the main purpose of designing an online casino? What aspects should be paid attention to? Looking ahead, Olha Lammer thinks that there are no aspects that can be neglected. That’s because the whole purpose of building an online casino is to provide the players with the best possible user experience. It will be what determines whether a player will come back or not.

What is the User Experience?

User experience (UX – User Experience, you can read more about it here is the total emotion of the actions and results of the interaction that the user receives from visiting your online casino. In other words, the player will come back to you only when the user experience that is provided by your online casino is positive. The player should feel joy in the outcome of the activity.

A positive user experience at an online casino is made up of the experience of interacting with the casino site or app and obviously with the games themselves. The most important element in achieving a positive user experience is design. It should be clear, logical, coherent and beautiful at the same time.

According to the logic and philosophy of user experience itself, interface and design should be absent, as they only “lengthen the road” between the user and his final goal, for example – Free casino slots, but then there is no interaction and no user experience. This is a paradox. The main objective is to shorten the route from the starting point to the goal as gently as possible. These are the kinds of online casinos that will notice the best online casino reviews.

There are some important parameters:

  • user routes;
  • visual hierarchy;
  • responsive and adaptive design;
  • call to action.

Only by observing these parameters it is possible to create a design that helps to maximize the user experience.

User Routes

When developing the design and layout of a website, it is important to imagine the player’s journey through an online casino like in a regular casino. Based on that, it is essential to organize the route taking into account the convenience of the user and the interests of the business. Once a well-designed route map has been drawn up, it is worthwhile to make it properly and informally presented. It helps to direct the player in the shortest possible way for him and the most profitable for the creator of the site. It is worth using tools such as:

  • interactive elements to help achieve the goal;
  • a visual demonstration of the path.

In other words, the intended route must be marked with prominently highlighted, interactive elements that encourage the player to cooperate with them.

Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is a principle that allows you to determine the importance of a text even without reading it. Headings, subheadings and lists are highlighted. A visual hierarchy helps the player immediately identify important information from the secondary information, but it also attracts attention and encourages interaction, making it much easier for the player to engage with the online casino.

There are several tools for building a visual hierarchy of the online casino:


An ancient way of highlighting, used long before the existence of the Internet in general.
ColourHighlighting in color instantly draws attention to the part of the page or text you want.
ContrastSimilar to highlighting in color, but the color of the target object should contrast strongly with the background.
Density and empty spaceThe online casino page should not be overloaded with information; it should be divided into logical blocks with distance between them.

Typically, all of these methods are used simultaneously, and the effectiveness of each should be assessed for a particular design element according to the reaction of the players.

Responsive and Adaptive Design

The design should be adapted for different types of devices. An online casino needs to look good on personal computers and laptops as well as on tablets and mobile phones. At the same time, the design has to share a common concept on such various devices, which differ not only in screen size, but also in the way they interact.

Usually this problem is solved by creating two versions of the site for the PC and for mobile devices or applications. But the most important task is to maintain a common concept and color scheme of design and layout. The player must have the impression at a glance that he is dealing with this specific online casino and not with some other one.

Call to Action

The call to action is the keystone of online casino design. After all, the player does not come to the online casino site to enjoy the design, but to play the game and make money. The whole purpose of the design is to help the player realize his aim. Therefore, the call to action button should be able to beckon and make the player want to click on it.

There are some useful tools:

  • changing the size of the button;
  • changing the size of the headers;
  • changing the color scheme of the button;
  • creating a unique form for the target action button.

The most effective method for each specific online casino is determined by the response of the players.

In conclusion, the design and layout are the key parameters on which the online casino’s traffic depends.

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