How Are Feminism And Gambling Related?

Learn about the rapid rise of the feminist movement and how it influenced our gambling community and inspired many women to pursue careers in a predominantly male industry.

When you think about gambling, the first image in your head is probably related to a bunch of cowboys sitting around their poker table in some Wild West saloon. It seems that for a long time, the role of women in matters of casinos was reduced to them being portrayed as waitresses, hostesses, or chaperones. Everyone seemed to think that women aren’t supposed to gamble along with many other things which were assumed to be not lady-like including smoking, drinking, or acting bossy and assertive. Today, gambling for girls is not an issue anymore as there is a long list of females who play poker and other casino games professionally. It wasn’t always like that, but the rise of the feminist movement made sure that women’s voices are heard and acknowledged even in gambling halls worldwide.

It Is A Man’s World

Women’s struggle for equality in all aspects of life was a long one and it still continues today but it is fair to say that we are making some progress in this field. Since the dawn of the feminist movement or women’s suffrage initiative gambling was almost forbidden for ladies and seen as reserved for men only. It all changed when veterans like Clonie Gowan or Mimi Tran started making some real money on those poker tables thus proving that they can match any man. Today, when earnings of some top female gamblers total millions of dollars, it is fair to say that wagering isn’t just a gentleman’s game anymore. Even online casinos are welcoming ladies worldwide and their money is as good as anyone else’s.

Perhaps playing roulette or slots seems like some masculine activity but it has become clear in recent years that ladies can match men in any game and just poker. It seems like females enjoy online gambling more as it gives them some anonymity that shields them from prejudices of any kind. Authors like Annie Duke have even written behavioral books about playing at casinos online that most male players use as guidance when wagering online. Ladies gave us a breath of fresh air that was needed for this industry to flourish in so many ways. They pumped some new blood, new ideas, and some new way of thinking thus bringing a little class in the game usually reserved for gentlemen only.

Ladies Taking Over

We witness female players like Vanessa Selbst becoming global superstars so seeing ladies in casinos is not something unusual anymore. Despite winning earnings or WSOP rewards, women are becoming more present in the executive branch of the gambling business. Pioneers like Judy Bayley or Jeanne Hood paved the way for many businesswomen today and they served as true role models who believe in integrity and transparency. They popularised slots worldwide and even the top 10 sites use their ideas or business approaches today. These women were casino executives who made policies about the future of gambling thus every online casino you visit today is a reminder of their legacy.

If It Makes Money It Makes Sense

While some stubborn men might be opposed to women in casinos, it seems like casino business executives have no problem with that. Actually, they welcome ladies who are just discovering gambling as a pastime just as they welcome millions of dollars that these women bring into online casinos every day. Some even specialize in gambling for girls as they recognized this previously neglected chunk of the global casino market. There is no room for misogyny at roulette or poker tables just as there is no room for discrimination anywhere else in this business. Interestingly, online gambling has become one of those enterprises where women can excel and be truly equal to men.

With a strong influx of female players worldwide, our gambling community became stronger while online casinos gained access to previously hidden chunks of this market. It seems like this industry welcomes ladies with open hands as taboos from the past do not apply anymore in this new digital world. Women can gamble or pursue careers inside this industry and be equally treated or respected like their men counterparts. Seeing some women in casinos was maybe considered sacrilege a few decades ago, but today ladies like Jennifer Harman or Liv Boeree proved that women can be successful gamblers too. That is a result of progress made by the feminist movement, and we welcome more ladies to try their luck at poker or blackjack tables and make every game more lively or cheerful than it ever was.

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