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Italy is best-known for Rome and the Coliseum, Pizza, and Leonardo da Vinci. But another aspect of Italy that many people appreciate, are its landscapes. From beautiful mountain ranges to exotic sights, Italy has it all. Well, if you were looking for the perfect holiday spot this December, then why shouldn’t Italy be on that list? Specifically, the Hotel Hubertus in South Tyrol, Northern Italy.

View At Hotel Hubertus

This hotel boasts some impressive, and frankly amazing, views of the Dolomites and the Reiserferner Group.

Hotel Hubertus Sky Pool

The Sky Pool is heated and gives you magnificent views of the mountains.

Apart from the spectacular views you’ll be waking up to each morning, Hotel Hubertus is unique in their furnishing. Very much a combination of traditional style with modern amenities. This hotel features traditional country house style, with a traditional cockle stove and a luxury bathroom. You’ll also be pleased to know that they offer free internet, satellite and SKY TV and all other luxuries one would expect.

Hotel Hubertus Swimming Pool

The Hotel Hubertus features 6 heated indoor and outdoor pools for your relaxation.

In addition to this, these rooms all have views of the Dolomites. This hotel also features 6 pools that are situated indoors and outdoors. The temperatures range from 30-degrees Celsius indoor to 37-degrees outdoor. Essentially, this allows you to relax while enjoying the fresh air. They also have a new heated sky pool. Check out the video below.

Snow hike with a Hotel Hubertus guide

The hotel also has guided snow hiking and skiing trips.

They also have a spa right at the hotel, and to enhance your relaxation, they have a variety of the finest wines and beverages. You can also book hiking and skiing trips that are organized by the hotel.

Hotel Hubertus Sky Pool bottom view

The Sky Pool has a glass bottom feature as well.

Hotel Hubertus view of the room with couches

Hotel Hubertus Bathroom

Wine Rack Filled With Bottles

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