Dutch people really know how to enjoy. This hot tub tug boat – aptly named the HotTug – is a way to enjoy a hot bath in weather and in places that were once considered impossible for such an action.

It is essentially a combination of a hot tub and a relatively small boat. I say relatively because it can accommodate up to eight people. The water for the tub is heated the old way – using a wood stove – and the temperature reaches 100⁰ Farenheit/38⁰ Celsius and stays this hot for two and a half hours. The stove will not burn you if you touch it regardless of the temperature because it is coated in stainless steel finish that cools down when in water.

The power source for the boat itself comes from an electric motor and there are three options you can choose from with the price that ranges between €14,950 for the most basic version, and €21,480 for the most expensive one. There is another reason why the electric motor is a great option – it is quiet.

The boat is made of wood and glass fiber reinforced polyester and it has the dimensions of 230 x 380 x 110 cm.

Now, some of you might find this a bit too extravagant, but can you imagine a cold river in winter and you in warm water enjoying the view? The only downside to such enjoyment might be the staring eyes of the people who would witness your extravagance.

Hot Tub Boat in the river

Yellow Hot Tub Boat

Hot Tub Boat on the river

Hot Tub Boat

Hot Tub Boat docked in front of a house

Black Hot Tub Boat with people in it

Hot Tub Boat being used on a river

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