Honeycomb Tent by B and Bee is an attractive tent that will draw attention to you and your friends wherever you appear with it.

Its designers pretty much improved the ancient domestic setup. Inspired by nature, they created this unique tent that is going to be an awesome addition to every group campsite, especially at music festivals.

It is a fusion of a tent and a portable cabin, which is an excellent solution for festival housing. Insisting on festivals is not accidentally, because it is able to house many people in a relatively small space.  Of course, it can be placed anywhere and used in many situations, such as ordinary camping, not only at festivals and other crowded areas.

Honeycomb Tent by B and BEE

It is conceived as a honeycomb, naturally, and the hexagonal sleeping cells are supposed to be stacked onto a base frame using a crane. This way it will really resemble a honeycomb and it can be assembled very quickly, even though it sounds complicated. You can stack up to 4 cells high and as much as you want on the ground. This means it can accommodate about 50 people on 100 square meters of ground.

The walls are made of wood, which makes it very stable, durable and practical. Not to mention that it is waterproof.  The cells are pretty spacious, since each and every one of them features a king-sized bed that can be transformed into a lounge seat, with storage space. Also, there are lockers, a power supply and lights in every cell.

B and Bee probably have invented the best prefabricated accommodation for crowded areas and the Honeycomb will be a sensational way to share the space with your friends during an adventure. [via]

B and Bee tent for concerts and festivals HONEYCOMB TENT BY B AND BEE Inside the B and Bee tent B and Bee tent for concerts and festivals

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