Honey Soles | The Best Way To Wear Your Shoes Without Socks


Even though most of us probably never really think about it, our feet and their health is an extremely important aspect of our bodies. We all also know how much shoes can stink when you don’t wear socks but sometimes, socks are uncomfortable. Luckily for us, Honey Soles changes everything about how we wear our shoes.

Honey Soles are completely constructed out of natural cork and this has a variety of benefits. Cork features a honeycomb cell structure that contains a substance called Suberin and this is great because Suberin has the ability to naturally repel both bacteria and fungus. Because Suberin is a waxy substance, Honey Soles naturally wick away sweat while the open-cell foam absorbs vapor inside the shoes, effectively eliminating any odor from them.

Honey Soles being inserted into shoes

Honey Soles are super easy to use. You simply remove your old inner and replace them with the natural cork Honey Soles.

Apart from that, Honey Soles have also been engineered to give you the optimal arch support that helps with your posture, over-pronation and alignment. They are also super easy to use by simply removing your current insole and replacing it with your Honey Soles.

Guy wearing shoes without socks that has a Honey Sole inner and woman holding up Honey Soles

Their moisture-wicking quality means that your Honey Soles repel both bacteria and fungus as well as sweat which means that you have a comfortable shoe even without any socks.

Honey Soles also features proprietary foams that act as shock absorbers by dispersing and deflecting harmful vibrations that are experienced while walking on hard surfaces, running or jogging.

Cut-out of the Honey Soles

Packed full of features and engineered to be functional as well as comfortable.

All of this means that with Honey Soles, you’ll not only have an extremely comfortable shoes that molds to your foot shape but arch support, moisture-wicking and even shock absorption. Honey Soles was originally a Kickstarter campaign and it is pretty obvious that they managed to smash their goals. Check out the video below.

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