Honda’s Self-Balancing Motorcycle | A Motorcycle That Follows You Around

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So, thanks to innovation and technology, Honda achieved something that is quite spectacular, to say the least. Unveiled at CES 2017, earlier this month, Honda revealed the Honda Self-Balancing Motorcycle. Not only is this technology quite advanced, but it has a variety of practical applications.

Aiding in practical road safety that motorcycles generally tend to lack, this Honda features “Riding Assist”. At first glance, it would seem that they are using a gyroscope, but this technology is far more advanced than that.

Man showing how the self-balancing mechanism works

Instead of a gyroscope, this motorcycle uses the much lighter tech out of Honda’s Uni-Cub.

Borrowing the technology from their personal mobility device, the Uni-Cub, the result is a lighter motorcycle that can balance perfectly. Not only will it sit and stay on command, but, with a bit of programming, it will even follow you around. Think a slower, more practical version, of Batman’s Batmobile self-driving capabilities. Check out the video below.

Honda’s Self-Balancing Motorcycle following a Honda R&D researcher

This motorcycle can also be programmed to follow you by simply touching the front mud cover.

Of course, if you wanted to really push it, and feel the need for that spectacular exhilaration from free-riding, you can simply switch the ride assist off. The base for this motorcycle is a modified Honda NC750S. This motorcycle also uses Honda’s clutchless automatic dual-clutch transmission. This makes it all the more easier to drive around.

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