If your buddies are pranking you and you want to get to the bottom of their plans or if you have kids who like to mess around with the cookie jar when they are not supposed to but can’t seem to catch them in the act, then look for a different approach. For example, professionally interrogate them with the aid of a Home Lie Detector Test. That’s right, your very own polygraph. Or just use it to have fun at a party because the levels of fun this device can bring is immeasurable. This lie detector kit uses a USB connection and free software in order to see its readings and has digital pulse and skin monitors, just like a professional one.

Home Lie Detector Test sensors

The sensors which are hooked up to the subjects fingers will let you get the readings which you need

This home system takes baseline readings of the subjects pulse rate and the electrical resistance of their skin using sensors which are hooked up to the subject’s fingers. This is how it measures any changes in response to questions you may be asking. The data you gather is graphed and stored in real time, so you can see when and where the subject’s pulse accelerated or the conductivity of their skin began to change. It’s these physiological signs that professional polygraph examiners use to find out whether or not they’re being lied to.

Home Lie Detector Test use

Hook your buddy up on this lie detector test and start asking those embarrassing questions

Just remember that polygraph findings can’t be used in court or for legal matters, so just have fun with your friends and family with it, don’t go all Law and Order over you possible test subjects. The software that comes with this Home Lie Detector Test is supported by Windows and Mac OS.

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