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We have shown you many stunning tropical resorts, and a few beautiful winter ones, but this one probably tops them all, literally and figuratively. Winter resort Hollandia Hütte is located just above the Löthschental mountain pass in the Swiss Alps, at 3,235 metres above sea level, believe it or not. This is a mountain hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club and the only way to get to it is to hike across a glacier, on the north side of the mountain pass.

Hollandia Hütte was built in 1907 by Egon von Steiger Hütte, and it was subsequently rebuilt by the Dutch Alpine Club (hence the name Hollandia). The hut has also been refurbished recently and can take up to 70 people in rather spacious dormitories. Each bed comes with a douvet, but since we are talking about accommodation that is situated at 3 km altitude, it is essential to have a sleeping bag too. In case you forget to bring your own, the hut will provide you with a disposable one.

As far as the food goes, breakfast and dinner will be provided for you and these are protein-packed meals, suitable for the physically exhausting day ahead. Also, you are advised to try delicious fruit tea to warm you up. Getting to and staying at Hollandia Hütte is definitely not for the fainthearted, but it is definitely one of the holidays you will remember forever. watch the video below

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Hollandia Hutte Winter Resort

Hollandia Hutte Winter Resort in Switzerland

Hollandia Hutte Winter Resort

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