If you are an avid cyclist, one of the things that you are probably constantly searching for are good, reliable locks. Have a look at Hiplok D and tell us whether this lock has absolutely everything you need. Developed by company Plus 8 Industries Ltd, Hiplok D is a combination of a high quality chain lock and a mini D-lock (also known as a U lock). This lock is compact, easy and convenient to carry, and strong.

Hiplok D is made for a high risk security level, it is one size fits all and has three keys with key coded replacement programme. It is sturdy, shaped like a belt buckle, has a robust steel body casing, 13-mm solid steel shackle, and a hard nylon outer shell. It weighs 1000 grams, while its internal area measures 13.5cm by 7cm.  Hiplok D was designed especially to be worn on the body (on a belt, in a pocket, on a bag strap) which is perfect for quick and easy access.

Hiplok bike lock

The lock has a Solid Secure Bronze rating which means that it has been rated against opportunist thieves, and has been proven to resist even 24in bolt croppers.  It has been designed by Benjamin Smith and John Abrahams, both industrial designers, who have extensive experience in developing bicycle and transportation products. The lock is available in four colours – All Black, Cyan, Grey / Red and Lime. watch video below

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Hiplok bike lock

Bike lock

Bike lock for cyclist

Hiplok lock for cyclists

Bike lock for cyclists

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