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Reliable and sleek, Hip Flask is more than just a fashion accessory for every outgoing person. It serves its purpose in the best possible way and what makes it different than the other flasks is that it’s very lightweight. Unlike metal flasks, this one weighs a ridiculous 1.50 oz. With it, you can take a sip of your favourite drink wherever you go.

The Hip Flask is made of durable high-density thermoplastic. The design is minimal and simple and with its round corners and thin profile, Hip Flask is highly packable. You can fit it in any backpack, or sneak booze out of your jacket, the old school way.

Black Bush Smarts Hip Flask On A Wooden Table With Apples Around It

Hip Flash is elegant and lightweight. It’s made of high-density thermoplastic and can hold 11 fl oz of any liquid.

Hip Flask doesn’t leak and has a capacity of 11 fl oz. It comes with an oiled leather fob with waxed cord stitching, hand manufactured in New York. This way, it makes it easy to wear it on the belt or a belt strap.

Bush Smarts Hip Flask Leather Hande

Hip Flask comes with an oiled leather fob, handmade in New York.

No matter if you’re walking down the city streets or camping in the mountains, it will come in handy, even in the coldest weather. That’s because it’s made not to frost your lips while drinking.

You can fill it up with water, whiskey, wine or whatever you prefer. Hip Flask comes in three colors- red, black and green. It can be a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the outdoors.

Bush Smarts Hip Flask On A Belt

You can wear it around your belt.

Bush Smarts offer many more products that combine urban and outdoor living. Make sure to check out some of the awesome gift-worthy products on their website.

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