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If you need a convenient yet highly efficient way to ship your beloved outdoor gear on a short bike trip, look no further than the Hinterher bike trailers. Designed and engineered by the Germany based company, these innovative, smart and cool trailers let you transport all your precious equipment and other critical cargo to and from your biking destinations without any hassle or heavy machinery. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Hinterher bike trailer

Stylish, versatile and minimalistic, the Hinterher cargo trailers can be easily converted to fit multiple shipping purposes by just a few clicks (you can use it as a bicycle trailer, hand cart or trolley) and they can even be personalized to match your transport style best. On the Hinterher website, you can customize your trailer after your needs and preferences and choose from a wide range of available colors, powder coated finishes and add-ons like handles, siding panels, locks, rubber mats, tool boxes, wooden skies, hiking ropeways and parking brakes.

Foldable bicycle trailer

Hinterher bike trailer transporting beer

For maximum storage ease and minimal spatial footprint, the bike trailers can be collapsed to a super-compact format in a matter of seconds to fit in your narrow hallway, corridor or staircase – and you can even park it next to your tool shed wall in an upward position.

Hinterher bike trailer

Hinterher bike trailer

Thanks to their durable construction materials such as a robust chassis made from dual-sided four-millimeter thick CNC milled aluminum sheets and fine-tuned design elements, Hinterher cargo trailers provide superior stability and long-lasting functionality in a highly lightweight package. Offered in two different sizes, the Hmax and Hmini (with the new urban edition with an electric drive and wireless remote control available on demand), Hinterher cargo trailers are made to conform to the highest production and transportation standards and are capable of withstanding surprisingly heavy loads for a gizmo of their relatively slight size and weight, so you should definitely check them out if you have a habit of lugging around weighty tools, equipment, gear and other cargo while traveling or commuting on your bike. Sleek and reliable, these sturdy trailers will never let you down on the road, so place your order ASAP and enjoy a lifetime of efficient and easy transport! [via]

Hinterher bike trailer applications

Hinterher bike trailer

Hinterher bike trailer


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