High House | An Elevated Landscape House In Quebec

Delordinaire architects created a private residence in Quebec that is elevated from the ground and stands on its structure. Even though this type of construction is usually seen in buildings located near the water in order to prevent flooding, High House creates a protected ground floor area and provides brilliant views of the snowy environment.

The idea was also to explore the limit between interior and exterior and create an isolated getaway. The building is compact and minimalistic, with clean lines and an all white exterior. For the construction, they used concrete panel cladding and a corrugated steel roof. When the days are snowy, it will almost disappear in the white landscape while on a summer day, it provides contrast to the green surrounding.

the exterior of High House

High House is located in Quebec and designed by Delordinaire architecture firm.

There is a large polycarbonate window on one part of the house that offers a view of Mont Saint Anne when you’re sitting in the lounge area. Thanks to it, plenty of natural light gets inside the house. The interior features mostly wood surfaces and gives off a warm atmosphere. There’s also an outdoor stove among the structure where residents can gather and be protected from the elements.

High House window

It’s elevated off the ground, has a large window on one side and an all white exterior.

High House structure and interior

The structure protects the house from snow.

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