This is something that Inspector Gadget would definitely love to have in his arsenal – a glove that is also a Bluetooth headset (or rather a handset). This innovative product, called Hi-Call Glove, is designed by an Italian company fittingly called Hi-Fun and it connects to your smartphone allowing you to call like you’ve never called before.

The Hi-Call Glove’s thumb has a sewn-in speaker, while the microphone is hidden in the pinky finger. In order to talk via the Hi-Call Glove you would have to position your hand in the traditional “call me” hand gesture, which will probably raise a few eyebrows as you are walking down the street.

Black Hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Glove

And what happens when somebody calls you? Well, the glove vibrates, alerting you to a phone call that you have to take. The Hi-Call Glove will pose no distraction to you when playing sports or skiing, i.e. whenever you would like to talk on your phone without your fingers freezing. The glove is compatible with all mobile phones that have Bluetooth.

The Hi-Call Glove’s battery has a standby time of up to 10 days, and it will allow you 20 hours worth of conversation. You can recharge the battery via a micro USB cable which will take you about half an hour.

The glove is made of conductive material suitable for touch screens which is 95% polyacrylonitrile, 3%  cotton, and 2% polyester. It comes in three colours – black, grey and violet – and it is designed both for men and women.

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Bluetooth Talking Glove

Bluetooth Talking Glove

Hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Glove

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