Ok, most standard action cameras will get you decent portraits and landscape shots, but if you want to capture ultimate selfies of your bike, skateboard or motorcycle stunts in a unique, awe-inspiring style, you’ll find regular point-and-shoots quite useless. For a level-up in modern-day filmography, we recommend you try Hexo + for size – with the help of this cool drone, your pics and videos will definitely get a whole new perspective, and an airborne one too.

Currently fundraising on Kickstarter, Hexo + is an autonomous hexacopter that follows you around and films your every move from the air, producing incredible footage of you doing what you do best, be it throwing some mean biking or skateboarding tricks, performing stunts on your beastly motorcycle, running at heart-stopping speeds or just simply strolling around looking like a million dollars. Once you’ve fixed your GoPro (not included) onto the drone’s two-axis brushless gimbal mount, Hexo + will automatically take off and start filming as soon as you can say ‘Go’. During the flight, Hexo + constantly communicates with your iOS or Android mobile device via the companion application and the MAVLink protocol, so you can adjust all settings such as distance, height and angle by a simple tap of the screen. In order to capture you from the desired angle and preset trajectory (left/right/front/back/XYZ feet away or degrees up), Hexo + will continuously monitor the phone’s GPS coordinates with the help of the onboard sensor and keep repositioning itself as you go to capture you in your best light. You can also use a remote controller to fly your Hexo + manually, but take care – however intelligent this little guy may be, it doesn’t come with an obstacle avoidance system so make sure you always use it out in the open to prevent accidental crashes.

Hexo Plus autonomous aerial camera

Capable of maintaining wireless connection with the mobile device within the shooting distance of up to 50 meters (164 feet), the current prototype can achieve speeds of up to 70 km/h (44 mph) and it’s good for some 15 minutes of filming per charge with a 3S battery. Hardware-wise, Hexo + comes in the shape of a lightweight yet decently built copter with a relatively ample payload capacity and six 30° tilt propellers for maximum in-flight filming stability. The legs and the frame can be easily folded and propellers and mounts can be removed for super-easy transport and convenient portability.

Hexo Plus aerial camera

Measuring 62 x 52 x 12 centimeters (24 x 20 x 5 inches) and weighing as few as 980 g (2.2 pounds), Hexo + is designed for tough action filming and it has options for emergency landing in case of any unanticipated hassle up in the air. If you back the campaign with a higher pledge, you can also get the optional 360cam mount for some panoramic images and vids, and there’s also the Director’s Toolkit with an application that allows you to unleash your inner movie director and create unique film scenarios by a simple click. Perfect for shooting aerial footage in remote spots like snow drifts, mountains and deserts, Hexo + is the next step in the filming technology due to arrive some time in May 2015 and it promises smooth and stable airborne shots without the need for remote controls and pilot-to-target syncing fuss. watch video below

Hexo Plus on kickstarter

Hexo Plus tracking system

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