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One of the best and most popular drinking games is definitely beer pong. It can liven up any party or a boring evening and rules to this game are well-known. Also, you need just three things to play it- a table, cups and ping pong balls. Of course, we don’t have to mention you’ll need a couple of friends, booze and a good mood to get the game going.

Two guys who met while they were at college and probably played beer pong together a countless number of times decided to develop the best beer pong cups. After doing research, they concluded what’s wrong with regular plastic cups used in this game, and came up with Hexcup- Hexagonal Beer Pong Cups.

Hexcup With A Ping Pong Ball

Each cup is made from polypropylene and has a capacity of 16 oz.

Since both guys are mechanical engineers, they designed cups that are exceptionally durable. Hexcups have a polypropylene construction and honeycomb design and each one can fit 16oz of liquid. You can use them multiple times, even put them in the dishwasher. With the hexagon shape, these cups come together perfectly and eliminate any visible gaps.

Hexcups Placed Together Next To Each Other

Hexcups have honeycomb design and fit together perfectly, just like puzzles.

To show you just how durable these cups are, they ran one with a car and it easily took it’s shape back. The corners are reinforced so the cups won’t crack easily and the bottom of each cap will prevent the cups from moving out of place, or ghosting like they call it. Just like most party cups, these ones also have a classic red and white design.

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Hexcup Bottom Design

The bottom of each cup has a special design that prevents the cups from sliding when placed on a wet surface.

Check out this video to learn more about Hexcups.

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