Herbivore Bath Salts & Skin Care Products

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Whether you’re seeking for a new gift idea or want to treat yourself with great bath products, Herbivore is a place to check out. They use all-natural and non-toxic ingredients and their products are not just safe for your skin but effective.

Let us start with the Bath Salts. You can get two different types of these nourishing salts, one for calming and one for detoxifying. Both are made using a different blend of essential oils and minerals. The calming one comes in a form of Himalayan Pink Salt crystals and includes Ylang Ylang and natural vanilla. The second one, Detox, is made from Cambrian Blue Clay, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

Herbivore detox and calm bath salts

Detox and Calm bath salts are made using all natural ingredients and will nourish your skin.

Here’s another interesting idea – the Bamboo Charcoal Deep Cleaning Bar. It was used in the far East for skincare since it will clean and detoxify your skin. Besides the bamboo charcoal, this 4 oz bar also contains tea tree and bergamot essential oils as key ingredients but also a number of other oils. This product is made in small batches and is gentle but will provide deep cleaning.

Herbivore bamboo charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal comes in a 4oz bar soap and contains different essential oil blends.

The last item from Herbivore we’re mentioning today is the Post Shave Elixir. It’s alcohol-free, soothing and you don’t even need to get shaved in order to use it since it will make your skin fresh and smooth. This elixir contains cedar and citrus scents and Witch Hazel that is responsible for tight skin and reduced inflammation. There’s also the Aloe vera, a perfect natural moisturizer. After you’re shaved, it can heal your cuts and hydrate the skin.

Get it from Huckberry here.

Herbivore post shave elixir

Post Shave Elixir will make your skin feel fresh and soft. It has a nice citrusy and cedar fragrance.

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