Writing a lengthy literary masterpiece was once quite an easy task – as Ernest Hemingway put it, all you had to do to come up with a great novel was just “sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” But the times have changed since Hemingway’s day and now focusing on writing seems to be harder than ever, with all those social network notifications, video links and flashy ads getting in your attention’s way as you’re sitting at your computer desk trying to come up with that one initial metaphor or catchphrase to kick start the thread of your novelistic inspiration. But worry not, would-be Melvilles, Faulkners, Twains and Steinbecks! With Hemingwrite, writing once more becomes a ‘dance of the intellect among words’, as distraction-free and enjoyable as it used to be back in the times of America’s literary greats.

Essentially, the Hemingwrite prototype is an updated version of a regular word processor that packs a mechanical-switch keyboard and six-inch backlit E-Ink screen all in one retro-modern die-cast aluminum case measuring 8 x 10 x 2.5 inches (L x W x H) and weighing around 4 lbs. Thanks to Hemingwrite’s reduced connectivity options, you will be able to focus exclusively on your writing without a risk of losing your train of thought due to various alerts from incoming mails, Facebook notifications and Twitter favstar updates. The Hemingwrite’s mechanical keyboard with customizable Cherry MX switches brings you the nostalgic tactile feel of tapping away on a time-honored typewriter, but the advanced high-contrast E-Ink display showing time, date and your writing with convenient backlighting capacities makes your writing equally readable in bright daylight and at night, so you’ll have your favorite writing tool ready and close at hand at all times to seize the moment of literary greatness when inspiration strikes.

Hemingwrite typewriter

Created by designer Adam Leeb and software developer Patrick Paul, Hemingwrite comes with internal storage capacity of over a million written pages so you need not worry about having to delete old texts to make room for new ones. Hemingwrite can also be synced with popular cloud applications like Google Docs and Evernote, allowing you to backup your literary opus and review or revise your writing at some point later on. Specifically designed for those eager-beaver established or amateur writers who are always busy editing their literary masterpieces, Hemingwrite has a small built-in handle for convenient transport and maximum portability, and since it boasts a stunning 6+ week battery life and ultra low power consumption, you can carry it around and take notes every once in a while without worrying that your beloved writing instrument may unexpectedly run out of juice when you need it most. So, all that you basically need to do is just what Hemingway recommends – simply sit down at the Hemingwrite and type away!

Hemingwrite typewriter

Though Hemingwrite is still in its prototype development stage, it has already made it through to the semi-final of Engadget’s Insert Coin inventor’s competition. With a little luck and lots of support, this modern yet quaint innovative writing device should soon become available to the wider public – and if you want to see it before it hits the shelves worldwide, you should head to the New York City and queue up at the Engadget Expand conference where Hemingwrite will see its debut on November 7 and 8.

Hemingwrite typewriter

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