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When you were in school, were computers a part of your generation’s education? It could be that based on your age computers were in the early development stages when a computer was the size of a room.

Aware of how technology is changing the medical landscape? Chances are you are somewhat aware, and we will look at one specific example that could revolutionize how chronic headaches are treated. A look will also be taken at how the medical research community is making strides for the betterment of the welfare of test mice. Once again, a demonstration of how technological advancements are helping all species, not just humans.

It is hard for many of us who were born prior to the 1990’s to envision a time when kids in school come home with a school supplies checklist and it includes either a laptop or notebook. That time is now. One computer is now provided for every five students in the public-school system in the United States. Imagine a time when elementary and middle-school students are issued standardized testing on a computer rather than paper and pencil.

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Well, the 2015-2016 school year saw just this. More students in these categories were administered the standardized tests with technology than paper and pencil. Which sets the stage for these future generations to work in fields that will have a focus on the betterment of society through technology. The chances are good that you know somebody who suffers from severe headaches from time to time. The types of headaches that a couple of aspirin will not solve.

The technologically inclined researchers have developed an electronic device which can be installed on the sufferer’s upper gum on the side of their head where the chronic headaches flare up. Once installed, when the individual senses the headache coming on, they can take a remote and place it on the side of their cheek where the device is located. At that time, electronic signals are distributed which causes a block of the pain causing neurotransmitters.

cables and chips

This is a true demonstration of how the people who have been educated in technology are putting it to good use for society. Us humans may not take much, if any, time to consider how it is that many of the lifesaving medications have come about. It is necessary for the pharmaceutical industry to test medications before they are made available to humans, and that is where mice come in.

According to world renowned companies and organizations such as the FDA and Johnson & Johnson, rodent ear tags have become painless, lightweight, and secure. Gone are the days of tagging a rodent’s ear with a metal tag which invariably leads to infections.

Technology is our friend, yet many people continue to fight its advancements. This is a closed-minded approach. By embracing what is happening with an open-mind, and seeing how it is bettering the lives of all species one can surely be filled with thanks.

Thanks for the tireless hours spent by the young as they learn the basics of technology, using that as a stepping stone to further education and then career paths focused on helping others.

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