Motorcycling enthusiasts, rejoice! A perfect piece of reliable safety gear has finally arrived to keep your beloved helmet out of harm’s – or better said, thieves’ – way, and it’s called HelmetLok II. The successor of the widely successful HelmetLok Generation I, the new lock by Rocky Creed Designs sports a fresh design and a bigger, sturdier construction with a security code locking mechanism. Sounds interesting to you? Let’s take a closer look at this cool gizmo.

Created to keep your cycling helmet safe and sound 24/7 even when you’re not watching, HelmetLok II comes in the shape of an outward opening carabiner that easily attaches to your motorbike handlebars or frame to keep your head protection gear in place even when you’re not using (or watching over) it. Made to be even more durable and reliable than its forerunner, this cool device doesn’t require any keys or complex setup procedures as it sports a convenient combination lock with a four-digit security code.

Helmetlok II

Design-wise, HelmetLok II takes the shape of an aluminum hook with a zinc-alloy locking mechanism and lightweight recyclable TPE coating to keep both your motorbike and your headpiece safe and scratch-free. The lock’s inner dimensions have been somewhat adjusted, allowing HelmetLok II to grip sturdier 38-millimeter Harley frames, but its overall size and weight are still diminutive enough to fit inside your pocket or clip onto your belt loop when not in use.

Helmetlok II

Measuring 4 x 1 x 2.5 inches and weighing the slight 2.4 ounces, HelmetLok II can be used to secure other items you bring along on your motorbiking session like jackets and bags and not just helmets, but you’ll need to get your hands on the HelmetLok cable to attach heftier gear to your much-loved pavement eater. In the box with your new lock, you’ll also get a one-year manufacturers warranty against potential defects so you need not worry about potential breakdowns and mechanism failures. So, are you ready for your next ride? You’d better be, because HelmetLok II definitely is.

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Helmetlok II lock

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