Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massager


We’re all in some kind of a hurry every day, always stressed, always running and worrying about something. For that reason, everybody could benefit from a nice relaxing massage using the Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massager. This massager has brought an innovation into the world of hot stone massages. You can heat it up in just 60-90 seconds in your microwave and it will stay warm longer than other stone tools. You can also get it warm using a heating pad or hot water.

The Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massager can be used over your clothes or directly against the skin along with some massage oil. The unique design of this item provides a nice and easy grip and you can perform different massage techniques, including “Soothe”, “Knead” and “Sculpt”. Thanks to the good grip, you can give a person a slow and gentle massage as well as a deeper massage without too much slipping even when you’re using massage oil.

Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massager, brown, on a white background.

The Heat-Wave Massager is easily and quickly warmed in a microwave, with a heating pad, or using hot water

The massager has a unique wave-like shape. This makes the massage an enjoyable experience for both the person who gives the massage and the lucky guy or gal receiving it. The brilliant design of this tool features 3 ultra-smooth tips that will provide an almost orgasmic experience, especially when the stone is well heated. The stone massager can be held with either one or two hands and it has two long flat sides that provide a dreamlike soothing sensation. The product dimensions are 11 x 2 x 3 inches.

Three Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massagers, black, blue, and lime, on a white background.

The Heat-Wave Massager is handmade from natural solid stoneware and its unique design provides a good grip and an amazing sensation

For the best results, combine different massage techniques that the Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massager is created for. If you need a deeper massage, the five elbow-like tips and ends will do the trick better than anything else. This massager is handmade from all natural solid Stoneware and it’s perfectly safe to use. Designed by a massage professional with 20 years of experience, this great tool combines the benefits of the traditional hot stone massage and the deeper therapeutic massage. This is a very useful item for everyone, starting from professional athletes and massage therapists all the way to ordinary people who want to improve the quality of their everyday life.

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A person's arms performing a back massage on a another person lying down, using a black Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massager.

This massager is a great tool to be used by massage therapists, professional athletes and everyone else who needs a deep and relaxing massage

Check out the video below for a few useful massaging techniques:

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