Headkayse | A Soft And Packable Bicycle Helmet

from $83.50

Riding a bicycle has never been safer, and being safe has never been easier. Today, we present you Headkayse, “the world’s first soft but safe, multi-impact, one-size-fits-all, foldable cycle helmet”. Check out its features below to see why this is what you need to get ASAP to replace your current helmet.

Headkayse is special on so many levels, but let’s start from the beginning. It’s a universal-fit helmet, which means that both you, your more beautiful half, and even your kids can wear the same size. It will simply adjust to any head shape, looking as awesome as ever. No more looking super-weird in traffic. In addition, it can flatten down to just 5cm wide (which is around 70% of its original width) – while its volume reduces by half – from 5l to 2.5l.

Headkayse on different people

One size to fit them all: Headkayse.

When it comes to protection – it’s definitely up to the task. Headkayse conforms to world safety standards. A new material is used to build it – it’s called Enkayse and it’s very flexible and capable of absorbing impact without any permanent damage. Also, its outer layer is tear proof and resistant to sharp objects. Hopefully, you’ll never need this, but better safe than sorry.

Headkayse from different sides

Never look weird in traffic again.

Hedkayse helmet is available in six different colors to match your preferences or your bike color. Be sure that with it, you will be both safe and noticeable in the traffic.

Get it from Indiegogo here.

Different colors of Headkayse

Pick your favorite size and get on the road.

Watch the video below to learn everything about the Hedkayse Helmet

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