We are confident that as parents and grandparents you have found yourself at times struggling with buying gifts for your children and grandchildren respectively because today’s children “have seen it all and had it all” when it comes to toys and gadgets. Well, we highly doubt that that is the case with the following product – HeadfFoam kids headphones.

Yes, your kids do listen to music and are probably envious of their older siblings for having cool headphones. Now, it’s their turn to be cool. HeadFoam headphones are made from a single piece, non toxic, BPA free, comfortable, soft and sturdy piece of EVA foam. You don’t need to worry about safety when it comes to these headphones because they comply with all major American and international child-safe test standards. HeadFoam headphones are suitable for kids as young as three and their size fits almost all heads.

It is worth mentioning that sound quality has not been compromised at all considering that the headphones are made from foam. The sound is as crystal clear and deep as in any other ‘adult’ headphones. Also, the output has a limiter to ensure that the sound levels are never higher than 85 decibels. Since HeadFoam headphones come in three colours – blue, purple and orange – they are suitable both for boys and girls. [viawatch video below

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Headfoam headphones for kids

Headfoam headphones

Headfoam headphones for kids

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