Without music, life would be rather dull, wouldn’t it? Well, then, all music-lovers will be glad to hear that the new Harman Kardon® BT headphones are now available on the market. If you are looking to get the best wireless audio quality from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the Harman Kardon BT headphones may just be worth a shot.

Though some may not appreciate its originality of form, the almost Cyber-esque looks of the BT headphones will certainly appeal to those who are keen on the futurist robotic designs. The outer frame of the headband is made of sandblasted steel and the inner band is covered in leather, which promises considerably greater comfort and tighter grip than most overear sets. The earpads made of slow-retention memory-foam, wide and deep steel-framed plastic-back cans and high-quality self-adjusting housings provide optimum acoustic isolation from the outside noise and they can also stand a rather good deal of movement without sliding off.

Harman Kardon bluetooth headphones

The headphones fold flat for better portability so you will be able to slip the folded headset into their original case and pack it away neatly in a laptop bag, backpack or a suitcase. In the package set, the producer also includes two headband sizes which can be easily swapped for better fit. Nevertheless, a minor downside to the Harman Kardon BT headset may be its somewhat robust build and slightly greater weight than in most headphones, but these may well be ascribed to high-quality production materials and they do not hinder the set’s otherwise extraordinary performance.

Harman Kardon bluetooth headphones

The well-balanced set employs Advanced Audio Coding and apt-X enabled technology which guarantees outstanding wireless audio quality and optimized bass response which leaves behind most other Bluetooth headphone brands. What’s more, the Harman Kardon phones allow a remarkable Bluetooth range of at least 100 feet from the broadcasting device, even with a number of obstructing walls and similar barriers. The headphones include a built-in microphone for making calls and can work as a cellphone headset, with intuitively designed three-button remote placed at the back of the left earcup.

Harman Kardon BT Headphones

The built-in battery offers quite a decent battery life of around 12 hours, depending on the selected volume and other playback options, after which the headset can be easily recharged through the supplied USD cord. Another plus for the Harman Kardon is that unlike other Bluetooth headphones, the headset will continue working as a wired set even when the battery dies, granted you connect it to the playback device by a separate cable.

The BT headphones will go nicely with most Apple products and similar hi-tech gadgets such as smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled devices, and the set in most aspects exceeds other wireless earphones available on the market today. Give the BT a try; you sure won’t regret it.

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BT Headphones

Harman Kardon BT Headphones

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