Hardcore Hardware CTT-01 Tactical Tomahawk


If there is anything that every camper, outdoorsman and survivalist can agree on, it’s the fact that a well-built tomahawk is an exceptionally versatile tool. It’s small enough to transport easily, versatile enough to cut, chop, slice and pierce, and they tend to be durable. Well, if you were looking for an awesome tomahawk then the Hardcore Hardware CTT-01 Compact Tactical Tomahawk is exactly what you need.

The Compact Tactical Tomahawk, dubbed the CTT-01, is an exceptionally durable and versatile tool that was designed for the extreme end of hardcore use.

Hardcore Hardware Compact Tactical Tomahawk in black on a vest

Designed to be compact, durable and reliable, the CTT-01 features an ergonomic design.

The CTT-01 also features a unique ergonomic design. This gives you superb operator flexibility that allows you to hold it high up the handle for delicate work. This includes shaving and slicing. Furthermore, a lower hand hold gives plenty of wielding power for devastating blows. The handle scales are machined from G10; this gives you phenomenal grip.

Hardcore Hardware Compact Tactical Tomahawk in tan with sheath

The CTT-01 is also available in tan. It also comes with a tactical sheath.

Apart from the large cutting head, the CTT-01 also features a rear faceted Tanto spike that can be used for penetration or prying. The entire tomahawk, with the exception of the G10 handle, has been constructed from D2 tool steel. This steel has also proven its durability, ruggedness and reliability. It also features a low-viz Teflon coating for those stealthy nighttime missions.

Hardcore Hardware Compact Tactical Tomahawk in black with sheath

The CTT-01 was also designed to have a large cutting edge and a faceted rear Tanto for piercing.

The CTT-01 also comes with a Kydex ambidextrous sheath that comes with Molle-Lok’s. It also features a Tek-Lok belt mounting system that allows you to store it at horizontal or angled positions. All in all, the CTT-01 measures 9.57” in length and weighs in at 23.28 ounces.

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