Hanskie Beer Glove | Keeps Your Hands Warm And Your Drink Cold


How many times you wanted a beer, but just the thought of your hands freezing while holding it made you abandon the idea? Hanskie Beer Glove is made just for that reason. It’s perfect for chilly evenings when you want to enjoy your favourite drink and don’t want your hands to freeze.

Hanskie Beer Glove is made from a soft sheep wool blend and you’ll get one glove in the order that fits both the left and right hand. It’s designed to keep your hands warm but without warming your beverage. Besides warmth, this glove provides comfort and it’s easy to wash. You can do it by hand or put it in the washing machine, just make sure you choose the wool setting.

Hanskie Beer Glove Grey

Hanskie Beer Glove is made from soft sheep wool blend and fits both the left and right hand.

This glove is handmade and has a nice traditional Icelandic design. It comes in three colors- grey, pink and brown. Regarding the size, you don’t have to worry about choosing the one that fits you, since the glove comes in just one size that can fit all.

Hanskie Beer Glove is unisex, so it can be a perfect gift for both guys and girls. You can use it in all sort of occasions, whether you’re on a camping trip, hanging out with friends outside or you’re that person whose hands are always cold.

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Four people sitting outside wearing Hanskie Beer Glove

Hanskie Beer Glove will keep your hands warm and your drink cold.

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