We all had incriminating notes that were never supposed to see the light of the day, or fall into wrong hands. If you had a compact handy wind-up paper shredder, produced by the Japanese retail company Muji, you wouldn’t have to worry about that happening ever again. This cool little gadget is by no means a replacement for your standard-size office shredder, but it can come in handy when you want a piece of paper destroyed right now.

The only downside is that it can shred one sheet of paper at a time. How does it work? You place the paper in the shredder, quickly turn the side knob a few times, and watch how the paper turns into spaghetti. It is as simple as that. Also on the plus side, this pocket-sized gadget doesn’t require a power source to work. The product has been dubbed as poor man’s paper shredder, but it certainly does the trick.

Hand Shredder

The wind-up paper shredder is so compact that it can easily fit into your briefcase, a purse, a desk drawer, a pocket or your car’s glove box. Its dimensions are 7.2 inches (width), 2 inches (length), and 1.2 inches (height), and it is everything you would expect from a Japanese product – innovative, small, original, no fuss, and practical.

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Handy Shredder by Muji

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