Remember when we recently featured a car espresso machine called Handpresso Auto Espresso? Well, allow us to introduce its ‘big brother’ – a portable espresso machine called Handpresso Wild ESE .

Produced by the same French company, Handpresso portable espresso machine is made for those java aficionados who just cannot live without their daily coffee jolt, even when outdoors. Just like its auto-version, this handheld espresso machine is light, durable and practical, and you really don’t need any batteries or a power source to operate it. And guess what? It can also make delicious latte, Americano or cappuccino.

Handpresso Wild ESE Portable Espresso Machine 7

Dubbed Nomadic espresso maker, the Handpresso Wild is ideal for hiking, vacations, camping or even for your office (it easily fits into a drawer).

How does it work? This espresso maker is simplicity personified. All you need is some hot water, of course, and ESE coffee pods (or ground espresso coffee). Pump the machine until the needle points to the green area on the Pressure gauge, add water, put a coffee pod into the filter, close the lid and press the button. When your espresso is ready, just toss the coffee pod away and rinse out the disposal container with water.

The dimensions of the Handpresso Wild ESE are 8.7 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches (22 x 10 x 7 cm), its container can take up to 50 ml of water, and the machine weighs only 1.1 pounds (480 grams).

Get it from Amazon here

Available in Europe here

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