Now that you can have a sleeping bag that is adaptable to your hammock, you have no excuse for not going camping! Or sleeping outdoors, whatever your reason for that might be. Illinois-based Grand Trunk Company has come up with a clever product called Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag.

This warm, cocoon like sleeping bag was designed by Herrick Kroeger, who works for Blue Sky Outfitter in Georgia. Although, the bag does not come with a hammock per se, it has holes at the head and foot that allow your hammock to slide through it.

Technical specs of the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag by Grand Trunk

The Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag has so many great and practical features, but we’ll mention just a few. It has a nylon shell and thinsulate insulation, the synthetic fiber thermal insulation produced by 3M, mostly used in insulation of gloves or winter jackets which will keep you warm down to the temperature of 0°C (32°F).

The bag also comes with an insulated hood and a draft collar, as well as an internal pocket for small items like gloves or a flashlight. The Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag also has full length zippers on both sides, and a cord loop at the bottom that seals the bag to keep the chill out.

So, why is this sleeping bag different from any other bag, you might ask (apart from being hammock compatible)? Grand Trunk Company says that “most sleeping bags compress under your back when you lay in a hammock, which crushes the insulating loft and lets your back freeze”, unlike their sleeping bag which “wraps around you, creating a warm swinging nest”. The Hammock Sleeping Bag is 2.23 metres (88 inches) long and 84 cm (33 inches) wide.

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Insulative layers inside the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag by Grand Trunk

Man sleeping in the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag by Grand Trunk

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