We are showing marine hunters a lot of special equipment this year, so if you happen to be one check out what we have in store for you. The Halibut Harpoon by KUFA Sports is ideal for marine hunters as it is very easy to grip and its size makes it ideal for larger fish. If you happen to be tired of plain ol’ fishing, then its time to get in the marine hunting business and start yourself off with an excellent piece of equipment which is perfect for the job.

Wire Leader on the steel dart

The wire leader attached to the dart of the harpoon

KUFA Sports, a company which specializes in manufacturing fishing gear, has developed something thrill seeking marine hunters will enjoy. The Halibut Harpoon features a detachable arrowhead tip which makes the replacement of the stainless steel dart extremely easy. It also has a stainless steel wire leader which terminates in a loop and features two foam handles which will provide you with a more stable grip while practicing your harpooning. Measuring 70.5 inches in length, this harpoon is ideal for larger fish.

Wire leader

The wire leader terminates in a loop

As the name of the harpoon suggests, you can fish halibuts with it and if you happen to be familiar with the size of these fish, then you will realize how useful a tool like this harpoon can be. If you are not familiar with halibuts, we can tell you that the largest one caught a couple of years ago weighed 515 pounds. Don’t feel discouraged by this as they usually weigh 30-50 pounds with 100 pound halibuts being very common in some places such as Alaska.

Halibut Harpoon full view

The full view of the harpoon and wire leader

The Halibut Harpoon with detachable head made by KUFA Sports will provide you with a great harpooning experience if you decide to get into marine hunting with its easy to grip foam handles and exceptional length.

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