The company with a bit strange name – Big Ass Fans, which to be honest, is not so inappropriate, considering the fact that it is stands for exactly what they are making, has come up with an idea of the Haiku Fan with SenseMe technology.

Their fans are not only big; they are smart, as well. The SenseMe technology makes them that way. This technology gives their fans the ability to detect if there is someone in the room, so it will not work in vain if the room is empty, but turn on as soon as you enter the room. When you are in the room, it follows your motion and realizes your comfort preferences, and changes the fan speed in order to make your stay the most comfortable. Besides tracking movement, it also tracks the temperature and humidity in the room, and it adjusts the fan speed in a suitable way. On top of all this, the fan also has built-in Wi-Fi and you can control it with a free smartphone application.

You probably think that fans are outdated, but they are coming back with some style. Just by looking at the Haiku Fan, you will realize that it would highly improve the appearance of your living space, because it is designed beautifully. It comes in various sizes (52″ and 60″), colors (caramel and cocoa finished airfoils, and black or white colored aluminum mounts), drop heights and LED lighting options.

The Haiku fan is an amazing and absolutely uncommon thing to own, but it comes with a price. A high price, actually. The shipments start in July and for getting one of these, you will need to spare $1,045. [via]

Haiku fan with LED

Haiku smart fan installed in a outdoor terrace

Haiku smart fan office installation

Haiku smart fan installed indoors

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