H2 Cape House

Here at jebiga, we often write about remote locations and awesome retreats. We especially love the variety of shapes in architecture and incorporating the surrounding into the design. Today, we’re covering one more fantastic retreat- H2 Cape House.

This house is nestled on the French Island of Corsica, right next to the Mediterranean sea. The house itself has one story and is very large, extending linearly. The idea was for it to blend in with the environment, resulting in using natural materials for its construction. The interior is modern and the areas are connected to the outside with several open terraces.

the H2 Cape House from the above

This coast house is located on the French Island of Corsica.

the terrace of H2 Cape House

With views of the sea, it has a private beach and two swimming pools.

open parts of H2 Cape House

The house incorporates elements of the surrounding in its design and is made from natural materials.

Besides opening the space up with large windows and open rooms, the roof of the house allows the grass to grow on it. This greenery also provides contrast to the red cedar cladding. The house has a private beach as well as two swimming pools and a boat dock. Check out the video below.

a part of H2 Cape House

It has large open areas and a grass roof.

the communal area of the coast house

The interior is modern and minimalistic.

a bedroom with an open view of the sea

All rooms provide great views of the sea.

To see all the details, check out this short video of H2 Cape House.

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