Toronto-based industrial designer Ryan Taylor came up with a brilliant idea to make your interior much more vivid and beautiful. Namely, he invented a lighting fixture that can serve as a planter and named it the Babylon. These growing plants in the Babylon light really look like nothing you have seen before and they are absolutely stunning.

The luster is made of aluminum and the tough powder coat finish allows it to resist the moisture of your plantings. In it, you can grow many sorts of plants, such as basil, thyme, tomatoes, etc., but the most useful would be those you actually use for cooking. Even the plants that require sunlight are able to survive in it, because the fixture emits the light and illumination they need. The Babylon is available in a three light cluster, as well.

With the Babylon, your kitchen will get a new, futuristic look, and the room will just start breathing. So, if you were planning to renovate your kitchen, this hanging garden would be an excellent and stylish improvement.

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Plant garden and lamp

Babylon light

Babylon light plant garden

Babylon light plant garden

Babylon light and garden

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