There’s nothing like unwanted fuss and fumble to ruin relaxing cycling weekend, is there? Like, say, slipping on that worn bike pedal, continuously or occasionally, risking to seriously hurt your leg or foot on uphill/downhill rides. Well, the Italian-based Sovrappensiero Design Studio has come up with an ideal remedy for those accidental pedal slips – meet Grippine, the unique silicone shells that provide a good pedal grip anywhere, anytime.

Designed as a simple cycling accessory, flexible Grippine covers easily slip onto your plastic or metal bike pedals to create a soft yet firm foothold for just about any shoe sole. Thanks to the deep-ridged design, Grippine will provide maximum adhesion and a firm traction between your shoe sole and that slippery bike pedal. In other words, you’ll no longer need to tinker around with screwdrivers, bolts and keys to replace your worn pedals – just stretch Grippine over them and you’re set to go. Plus, the Sovrappensiero team have made Grippine bike pedal covers available in a variety of colors so you can customize the design of your bike for all you like, add a personal flair to your cycling and freshen up your old two-wheeler with this set of colorful add-ons. watch video below

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Grippine bike pedal covers

Bike pedal traction covers

Grippine bike pedal traction covers

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